Darkest Dungeon

Should move people around if they’re selected.

I want to say there is a way to revert to the order you had when you started the run as well, but I forget it.
Or possibly imagined it.

Thank you. I’m having a lot of trouble with the touch controls. So if I have some guy that are going to cost a lot to fix early on cause they have a lot of very bad traits should I just ditch them?


DD is all about churn. If you have a merc that’s bad generally you fire them or throw them into a D-team run where everyone is probably going to die and then fire them afterwards.

I’m far from an expert though.

The bad effects can be removed / healed off when you get later in the game. And DD is more about grind.

You’ll reach a point where you get a crew of heroes that can stomp every dungeon and you’ll only need to worry about bosses when it comes to possibly losing one of your dudes. When this happens you’re back on the old grindstone.

Later with mercs worth it, but early on? Level 0-1 dudes with bad traits get fired or send on torchless money/curio runs.

But ultimately this is the truth. So much grind after a point. And then when your A-team finally does the thing, oh now you can’t use them. Grind all over again. Bleh.

It is indeed about grind. There is no lose condition. Just keep playing for long enough and you will eventually win. “Long enough” may be years, but it’ll happen.

(Unless you’re on hard mode, in which there is a lose condition that feels like the afterthought it is.)

I say this as someone who has hundreds of hours in Darkest Dungeon, played long enough, and eventually won.

In a way, Darkest Dungeon is not at all like a roguelike. Individual characters may die, but your game continues, and the Hamlet lives on, with an endless parade of fresh meat. This game doesn’t have permadeath. It has permalife.

Can any character equip any trinket or armor? On iPad with the touch controls I can almost never get it to highlight to equip, it’s very frustrating.


Can you redo a dungeon thingie you didn’t quite finish before? Like if you had to bail before you got 100%?

You guys sure make DD sound appealing!

Yeah. I agree with this. Only to say Darkest Dungeon was never a roguelike. It’s X-COM’s character churn rate by way of dungeon crawls but without any strategic pressure / fail state (outside of the highest difficulty which is just an arbitrary time limit). The only setback is losing more dudes which just leads to more grinding.

Ironically, the bulk of the game isn’t even about the titular Darkest Dungeon but raiding the 4 sub-dungeons over and over again and clearing each boss tier. The DD its self is just a series of fixed/non-randomized challenge dungeons to unlike the end boss.

What building upgrade gives my characters more stress relief?

There’s no “stress relief” score all the characters have, but the guild building can upgrade skills that reduce stress, and the survivalist can enable camp skills that reduce stress when resting in medium and long dungeons. The camp skills can’t be upgraded, a character either has them or they don’t. If you meant stress relief in town, that’s the tavern and abbey which can be upgraded, but you should try investing as little as possible in them.

Also, Darkest Dungeon doesn’t have grinding. Grinding is when we go to the sewers and kill rats for two hours to build up the characters so we can survive the places that are actually interesting. In DD, we kill monsters in the sewers and then kill more monsters in the sewers, so you better like those sewers (I like those sewers very much).

I was hoping for more stress relief in town because my characters have so much they can’t get rid of most of it it seems. Invest in them as little as possible? Would you mind writing down a build order for me? I’m really in the dark and struggling on what to focus on. This is what I figured so far:

  • 2 Stagecoach upgrades
  • 2? Hero Barracks upgrades

Also, should I have either of the DLC active as a newer player? Can you activate them later and have them be integrated?

I’m not at the level of expertise or dedication needed for pre-planned build orders, but a few pointers:

Like others said, failure in this game is temporary, heroes die, town improvements are forever. Even the worst disasters don’t reverse your progress, only slow it down.

Upgrading the barracks/stagecoach first is a good move. Other buildings should be upgraded as needed, so there’s no need to upgrade, say, the blacksmith unless you need to use it for the next run.

When you’re in a dungeon, stress damage should be regarded as more dangerous than health damage, as health is easy to recover and resets to full every week, stress stays with you. Prioritize killing stress dealing monsters, make use of stress reducing abilities on characters that have them.

When low level heroes accumulate high stress and negative quirks, take a good look at them and decide if they are worth the time and money to fix. The answer is generally no (but I’m a sentimental idiot and get attached). Note that you can kick out make redundant heroes you don’t want without sending them to die in battle.

With regards to DLC, it’s better to not have it active at start. When you feel ready for the game to fuck with you in new ways, you can activate DLC for a game in progress.

Just grind dungeons and level up your dudes and equip them well. Do this for like 2 or 3 full teams. When you are crushing everything, go for a boss and take them out. You might lose some dudes, especially if you don’t know the mechanics of the boss. Return to the grindestone as needed.

Stress and infliction stops really being a major factor in the mid-to-late game. It’s mechanics that only really punishes players in the early game.

How do I equip them well? Using stuff from the armory? Or do guild Hall stuff?


But really, just mess around and see what works. Whats the worst that can happen?

Run out of money?

So go kill some monsters and make more. The bank isn’t going to foreclose on the hamlet.

I noticed the number on the screens is going up. Like next to “ruins” the bar is moving along and is now on 1 maybe almost 2. Does that mean every time I go in there it gets harder and harder even though I’m failing to complete those missions? I can’t seem to pull off a win to get a trinket/reward in the end as I always end up just a bit short.

I notice I need a lot of deeds, but they are in very short supply. Wonder if I should be trading my crests for them? I have 58 crests.

I believe that number/bar just unlocks what bosses and expedition types are available. The actual difficulty (Apprentice/Veteran/Champion) is separate.