Darkstar One (newest space sim) for $24 (!?)

I was going to open a thread to ask for opinions so that I could decide to get it or not.

Then I noticed it was available online. Right now (release is in a few days), for $24 and with… uhm… 108 other games.

Such as Farcry, Syberia 2, Sensible Soccer 2006, Freelancer and a bunch of other semi-old games more or less relevant.

Download online, in streaming also.

Negatives: you have to pay monthly and you have to be connected while you play. All those games together, but when you unsubscribe you cannot play them anymore.

Uhm… I’m pondering.

Link: Metaboli


They should have gone with D2D. That deal rubs me all kinds of wrong.

I got that last month. It’s actually a beta version of the game… it runs really badly. Apparently the NA release is going to have much better performance.

It’s like Steam, only worse! (UnPOSSIBLE!!)