Das Re-Boot


“Alle Mann voraus!”


If this show ends realistically the U-boat will be lost at sea, as the vast majority of them were. I wonder if the producers will have the guts to do that.


If they do more than one season we could see the two “Happy Times” and the two letdowns.



And here’s a different trailer


Can I just say that, despite feeling like this whole endeavour is pointless given how good Das Boot is, the thread title is brilliant.


Actually I believe you already did and I absolutely agree with you!


Oh my god, hahaha. Thanks for pointing that out. I sometimes re-read threads and come across old posts of mine saying exactly what I was (re)thinking. I should have done that here! It’s not even a long thread. At least I added something this time, haha.


I’m not enthused by the addition of the espionage/betrayal/Gestapo plot line. I get that a TV series needs more than just the linear plot of the movie, but this just seems all too familiar.



Yeah, reading the articles, this is becoming “thriller Soap Opera/Intelligence/Resistance fighters/let’s get some women in there, huh?. Whatta you think, Bob?” land for me me . Interest…waning…significantly…

If they had just told the story of another crew later in the war, I’d have been more impressed. This sounds a lot like a “re-imagining” dressed up in a sequel’s tarty clothes.


Have to agree here. Why do they have to remake any film into a soap opera?


Is this out or are these early reviews? I need something to watch.


So anybody know when and where American audiences can watch this?


It’s Sky, so presumably it’ll be Comcast exclusive unless it’s covered under their agreement with HBO.

Never mind:


Humm, I guess it is time to get my free Hulu preview.