Das Re-Boot

Eight-part series is coming later this year.

Ten-to-one it won’t have the weird, 80ish soundtrack of the original movie. Don’t get me wrong; it’s really memorable in its own way, but also very 80s.

Huh…well, the movie was almost as long as a miniseries, so why not?

The original was a miniseries, at least in Germany. You can get a dvd of it on Amazon.

Yeah, I’ve only seen the Director’s Cut, which is near 4 hours on its own. I know there’s an even longer version that’s only on DVD apparently:

They had me at “Guten Tag”.

Will it be available in the States though? Guess Netflix eventually? Love the movie, not sure I want them to try to recreate it, but I’ll give it a watch.

Das Boot is sooo good. Even my girlfriend ‘enjoyed’ it and she usually avoids war films.

Yeah, I feel the same.

“Gute Männer… Alles was man braucht, sind gute Männer.”.

Just that ONE SCENE makes the movie. The one where they’ve been spotted and they go really deep to avoid the depth charges.

Is the original available to stream anywhere? (I’m guessing not in the US, unless it’s in the Criterion Collection or something.)


Amazon Prime has it.


Amazon also recommends Fifty Shades: 3-Movie Collection when viewing this item.

Fünfzig Meter: Freed

Geezzz. Amazohno.

Well, I did read that the original theme tune is coming back. Not sure about the rest of the soundtrack.

Hmmm, conflicted on this. On the one hand super hi-res video and hi-fidelity audio will be wonderful. On the other hand, how can they possibly hope to match the performances of the original?

It does not matter how good these remakes are. WE MUST HAVE REBOOT OF EVERYTHING!!

Can I just say too that the name of this thread is brilliant.

First photos. Wow, there are some unexpected names in this.

Every one of those boys is just too pretty.

The only pretty boy from the first one was the Hitler-youth I W.O.

It’s starting to look like “One Tree Hill” Kriegsmarine.

Unterseeboot 90210