Dave Stevens Dead at 52

Dave Stevens, creator of Rocketeer, died of leukemia. He might not have been as prolific as other comic greats who have passed on, but who among us has never heard of The Rocketeer?

Bummer. :-( Here’s hoping he’s in Pinup Heaven, getting backrubs from Bettie Page look-a-likes.

Truly a terrible scan, but definitely the best piece of Rocketeer art. I had a T-shirt with this on it, and an old girlfriend called it the “woman’s ass shirt.”

His women were hot. RIP.

I never read the Rocketter but I really liked that he caused a Betty Page revival, that eventually led to her seeing some money for her image being used hither and yon.

I loved the movie when it came out. It was, I think, the first time I’d seen Jennifer Connelly on film. So that was nice.

I still love the art of the all-too-brief run of comics. RIP.

RIP Mr. Stevens. I enjoyed your work, especially Rocketeer.

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The Rocketeer books were clearly a magificent labor of love. Sorry to see a talent like that pass from this Earth.