David Chase speaks


As much as I wanted Tony to get his due, I liked the end and knew that he didn’t get kiboshed.

Didn’t think he did either, and thought it was done in such a way as to imply that life, such as it is, goes on, and Tony would have to be looking behind his back even now more than ever. That was gonna be his life.

— Alan

Man, in your face, half of the internet.

Chase is clearly lying. If you watch the last episode, it’s pretty obvious that Tony gets whacked. I mean, he’s eating dinner (also known as “supper”) and he’s having it with his family. (who are called “disciples” in ancient Mayan) It’s pretty clear that the show was referring to the Jesus’ Last Supper. And what happened after the Last Supper? Jesus died.


Who’s Judas?

I was convinced that Tony was whacked when I read the argument about the oranges. THE ORANGES.

And what happened after he died? ONOS.

Either he died or that last scene was pretentious wankery.

Oh. Okay then.

If Chase had just faded to black… ahh, convention.

In my face, definitely. WTF?

What an asshole. That interview is littered with quotes about how petty and stupid Chase finds his audience. Good thing this guy is set for life already, he can get away with that sort of harassment.

“There WAS a war going on that week, and attempted terror attacks in London,” says Chase. “But these people were talking about onion rings.”

Chase says the New Jersey mob boss "had been people’s alter ego. They had gleefully watched him rob, kill, pillage, lie and cheat. They had cheered him on. And then, all of a sudden, they wanted to see him punished for all that. They wanted ‘justice’ …

“The pathetic thing – to me – was how much they wanted HIS blood, after cheering him on for eight years.”

He says it’s “just great” if fans tried to find a deeper meaning, but “most of them, most of us, should have done this kind of thing in high school English class and didn’t.”

Well, it’s true. By the 4th season, all anybody seemed to care about was who’s gonna get whacked next. The show is about way more than that.

But that’s what gets me about Chase’s quotes. My assumption was that once Chase realized that people were enjoying the show for all the wrong reasons, he started fucking with viewer expectations. He also made Tony a clearly unredeemable character. So for him to accuse us of turning on Tony for assuming that he gets whacked… He tells us a story about an irredeemable man, uses foreshadowing and every cliche in the book to build suspense towards that character getting whacked, then cuts to black and says we’re bloodthirsty hypocrits for assuming said character gets whacked?

Whatever. I still enjoyed it. I’m just surprised because his intent seemed so clear. His initial comments to the press were that it shouldn’t be a mystery as all of the clues are right there. All of the clues built suspense and suggested something big was about to happen. All of the foreshadowing suggested that Tony was going to die at the end of the series.

Yeah, I thought his comments were pretty bad. Yes, there was a war going on that week, and I’d like to know what Chase did that week. Did he sit and ruminate about man’s inhumanity to man, or did he go and have dinner with friends or family? I’m willing to bet he didn’t give the war any more thought than the Sopranos fans.

He’s just hacked off because a lot of people didn’t like the finale.

Except not really. I watched that scene, and of course like everyone else THOUGHT it was building towards that, but when it cut to black I didn’t even remotely think Tony got whacked. I had to come here and to other message boards to see people theorizing that. My thinking was: “He’s just showing that this is what it’s going to be like for Tony the rest of his life. Always the threat of getting killed. Never a calm moment. Even during an ostensibly banal all-American dinner at a place full of boy scouts, and onion rings, and nuclear familiies.” The cut to black shocked me, of course, but after a second of digesting it I said “fuck yes.”

Further, I don’t think he’s “accusing us of turning on Tony for assuming that he gets whacked.” I think he’s saying, and is annoyed by the fact, and is accusing of being hypocrites for us WANTING Tony whacked. He spent all those seasons showing us what a monster Tony is—while we all cheered him on anyway, posting comments about how awesome it was when Tony did this or that horrifying fucked up thing. So now we’re mad that Chase didn’t kill him? This is what it seems IMHO is Chase’s issue here. And I think he has a really good point.