Days Gone - Sony Bend's biker open world zombie game

That’s pretty cool, this is one of the few PS exclusives that actually interests me, so maybe I will get to play it after all. But then I still haven’t put money down for that robot dinosaur game so maybe I’m all talk.

Its still low hanging fruit at this stage as well. Horizon Zero used the Decima game engine which got a PC version for use in Death Stranding. And Days Gone is Unreal 4. I think we’ll get a better idea of Sony’s commitment to this if they bring out a title where much of the conversion ground work hasn’t already been done.

Anyway, I really liked Days Gone, I’ll happily buy it again on the PC.

You should buy the robot animal game. Loads of fun.

No doubt. Only so many hours in the day though, you know?

Well, then buy the robot dinosaur game and hire someone to play it for you.

I need to stop buying PS4 games and thinking they will be exclusive. :P

Maybe they’ll be Epic exclusives :)

Yeah, it will be interesting to see if any of the Naughty Dog or Santa Monica Studios games ever get ported. They use custom engines that have never appeared on PC.

Days Gone is a great game. People should definitely pick it up!

I played Days Gone on Pro, but the low framerate made me decide to wait for some kind of remaster with 60fps mode. Awesome to see it is coming, because the first couple hours I played seemed promising. Hopefully Tsushima and dare I hope, TLOU2, will make their way over to PC as well.

Also, Horizon is not just on Steam and EGS, but even GOG. Huge kudos to Sony for that.

Technically it’s already here as it runs a locked 60 on PS5.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard the PS5 greatly improves this game. 60 FPS obviously is a big benefit, but I think there are at least a few other tweaks that have some impact.

The load times and the 60 fps are game changers

Played Days Gone on the PS 5 as well and loved it. Didn’t understand the negativity and/or indifference to it but I didn’t deal with low frame rates or loading times.

I even ended up liking the story, despite very much not liking the main character.

I’m several hours into this on PS5. This is an interesting one. I like the survival systems in the game. There appear to be many things to do that set it apart from other open world games. I like the skill tree. The zombie, I mean, Freaker horde is legitimately challenging (at least to me at this stage in the game).

But boy is this rough around the edges. Cutscenes don’t flow naturally from one to the next. Deacon’s internal monologue is just plain weird. It’s like he’s rushing through his lines to the point of it sounding unnatural. In fact much of the recorded dialogue is inconsistent. I was wrapping up a mission when I was escorting a character who was riding along on my bike. While riding, there’s a conversation going on. The girl on the bike is speaking normally while Deacon is shouting at the top his lungs.

But I’m generally enjoying the gameplay, so I’m going to stick with it.

Yeah, that will happen several times during the game and it’s jarring. I get why they did that, it’s hard to talk on a bike. However they left out the overwhelming wind noise and other actors speak normally so it just fails, hard. I imagine it seemed like a good idea at the time then they decide to pivot and never got around to rerecording his lines.

I want this game to come out now because I have nothing to play. I mean I have some games in backlog but I am not really all that interested to play those. Sony come on pls

(of course they should make sure it comes out running well and not like Horizon)

Everything about the main character is terrible. Especially the awkward lost wife stuff. Those meetcute scenes are among the most cringeworthy un-self-aware writing I’ve ever seen in a videogame. The Boozer stuff is up there, too. All that Bikerz 4 Lyfe nonsense is so tin-eared and parochial. This is one of those games like the dinosaur apocalypse one where the story is so bad it gets its stink on the good game parts.

It’s also got some really uneven pacing. I’ve tried playing through twice and stalled in the same place both times. And the survival mode is a cool idea, especially for how it removes fast travel. But it’s definitely something that was slapped on after the fact.

But it’s got one of the coolest zombie “ecologies” this side of Dying Light, and the Pacific Northwest setting is vividly realized. So it kind of evens out?


Oh wow, that just perked my interest up quite a bit. How does it work, do you have to eat and sleep and stuff?

But what abut Deacon’s code? It added so much depth to his character.