DDO Unlimited-DDO goes free to play

That’s funny. That’s exactly where I get stuck in this game too. Is there any reason to push?

I heard that VATS unlocks at level 8, so maybe try pushing towards that?


You crazy – btw I have gotten used to Vats tyvm in that other game. I don’t love it but fine.

Took hours and hours to get the client installed/patched even though it’s only 10Gig once it’s compete. But I finally jumped in this morning and immediately got sucked back about 14 years to when I first played this. It’s got a F2P sheen of various coin icons and whatnot that presumably means you have to pay DDObucks to open whatever, but there seems to be a decent amount of free stuff as well. The tutorial was much more forgiving than what I recall from my initial DDO campaign where anyone could die at anytime, especially the scout/thief character out front.

Still, it has a charm within its jankiness and the pull of D&D is strong so I’m sure I’ll dive in a bit more later.

Can we take a moment here to recognize how monumentally awful the Turbine (whatever their name is now) launcher/patcher is?

Amen to that.

So I just blew thru a few dungeons that I actually remembered from over a decade ago (though I don’t remember the main bad guys being the fish-dudes) with nary a scratch. When my group went thru these way back in the day, each dungeon was a fright filled endeavor with death (and thus falling behind on xp) at every corner. It’s basically a tutorial at this point though. And there was even a dude right outside the actual tutorial area that said something about Keep on the Borderlands!!! I didn’t click him as I’m still getting used to the game again, but he was there and didn’t seem to have a price indicator above his head or anything like that. No idea what subbing to this gets and it’s $15 a month which seems insane compared to FF14 or ESO or WoW. But whatevs, I’m enjoying my romp so far.

DDO has one more classic module, the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.
It’s all the way at level 28 and narrated by Ed Greenwood.

Finished Sharn yesterday, it was okay. Mostly short and simple quests - nothing like Castle Ravenloft. I liked the guest narrators, which included the creator of Eberron. Some of my old DDO friends would’ve loved this series. They made the worst levels fun to play. No more Necropolis.

Bought a few points (for the “Monster Manuals”) to support the game. Reaper mode was lots of fun with groups of non-powergamer characters. I’m not sure if I’ll stick around, but if I do I’ll buy Sharn, Ravenloft & White Plume to play again.

Everything is free play until the 30th. Borderlands is the most expensive at 1000 thingies (~15$).

It’s for level 1 characters so hop in whenever you’re comfortable.
Might be really challenging, haven’t tried it yet.

I bought everything when it first went F2P, but at this point the sub is like renting 500$ of store options.

How is this game better than Neverwinter Nights MMO? I’ve played both a bit… but I’d sure like to know why one is better? Aside from free-ness.

Both DnD action games I guess.

I played Neverwinter a bit at launch, but I didn’t get far. I can’t comment on that.

What I loved about DDO was that it used a system similar to many muds, but one that you don’t see often in MMORPGs. Once you hit the level cap there was plenty to do: raids and such, lots of gear to farm, etc. But you could start over and do a new run. The advantages were numerous. Eventually you could get higher point buys for your starting stats. There was something kind of like “epic talent trees” whose progress remained across runs. They didn’t impact the “mortal levels” (but once you hit level 20 they activated). However, you could leverage a few nodes (your choice) from them to enhance your character for the next run back to level 20. And beyond; when I played the epic level cap was level 28 or something. A “run” ended at level 20, so you could ascend or whatever right away if you wanted. But there was a lot to do with epic zones, raids, and stuff. And you wanted to grind out progress on those epic talent trees as well.

My first run was as a fighter. Pretty vanilla, I fell in with some cool people and learned alot. When I drifted awya I think I was on my 4th ascension. Half-elf Monk-artificer-thief-cleric. Due to the HE talent tree and 1 level of cleric I could use alot of clerical items like scrolls. Including scrolls of heal and things to clean up statuses. I was going to get maybe 8 or 10 monk levels eventually. The rest were artificer/thief for skill points. I could solo most dungeons on the hardest difficulty (and the ones I couldn’t I could potentially two-man), and rarely had more than a 5% chance to fail on detecting and disarming traps. I had very good damage and I was hard to kill.

I like being able to create builds like that in games like that. In tabletop I hated D&D’s multi class rules, but in the MMORPG it worked great. Although there was significant modification (e.g. talent trees, and they changed the way some stuff from tabletop worked, albeit in interesting ways). And I was still working towards unlocking stuff for my account. Races, even higher point builds ( I think I was trying to progress towards a 38 point build or something, it’s hard to recall exact numbers). The game was satisfyingly crunchy for me, much better than WoW.

I much preferred it to the rest of the graphical MMORPGs I played. But then I have loved muds for a long time and so I kind of like ascension/remort/etc mechanics a lot. From what I remember of Neverwinter, I had not been able to determine whether it would be crunchy enough to satisfy me. And I never looked into the end game.

This was all back in like 2013, so it was a long time ago. I think I played DDO into early 2014 before drifting.

Silly Diku player. LPMuds don’t usually have remorts and such ;)

From what I know of Neverwinter, it more closely follows the WoW-style of MMO design where leveling up is an extended tutorial, and the “real game” is once you reach level 70 or whatever it is there. It has theorycrafting for stats/equipment as all do, but I don’t believe it is the depth/complexity of DDO (DDO can be overwhelming).

Try as I might to not be a graphic slob, DDO is showing its age. It felt a little more rough than many of the other MMOs out there. Closer to Neverwinter Nights than Neverwinter, and maybe even more dated looking than LOTRO despite being around the same age. I think moreso than just the graphics was just watching people rubber-band around in public areas. This didn’t have a big impact on dungeon gameplay because those are instanced, but even then it was a little uneven. I was spoiled by long years of WoW, which while dated and ‘simple’ had that classic level of Blizzard polish that lets their stuff age well.

All this from someone that does still mud on occassion - but apparently is in the “prefers text to old gfx” camp.

Free quest play extended to May 31st.

Yes :( I thought my computer was the problem years ago.

Have you guys switched to the 64-bit client? It really improved rubberbanding and general performance on the LOTRO client.

I was on the 32 from the Steam install.

Switching was really easy - click down arrow on launcher, 64 bit, done.

Didn’t know about that, thanks! Seems to have improved a bit for me.

I was going to make a reminder to check out stuff, but it’s extended again:


We would like to thank you for supporting us! To start, players can continue to enjoy all of our quests, raids, and expansion content for free through August 31st, 2020. We would also like to provide a way for you to move forward with your gaming when our event eventually comes to an end, so in the coming days we will be providing a Coupon Code that will let you acquire all currently-available adventure packs permanently on your account(s)! However, you will need to act quickly, as this Coupon Code is available to redeem through August 31st, 2020.

Additionally, we will be conducting a sale on two of our expansions in the DDO Store! When the sale is active, players will be able to pick up the quests included in Menace of the Underdark and The Shadowfell Conspiracy for 99 DDO Points. Stay tuned for exact timing on the sale.

I’ll make a post when that sale is active.

Re: 64 bit client - 99% less lag and rubber banding. Does have a few quirks though.

There’s a new site showing the current groups:

Wow, until September? They must be selling a lot of XP boosts and stuff. LOTRO free is extended until September as well.

I simultaneously want to take advantage of this and can’t imagine where I would find the time to do so. Nor do I want to deal with their horrible malware patcher. :/

The coupon is up:

You have to enter it in the in-game store, which is a weird way to do things. I also discovered that the vast majority of the UI doesn’t scale at all so the game is basically unplayable at modern resolutions, at least for my eyes. But at least I have content if I try to battle through.

Nice, they did it.

The first expansions are now available for 99 points each. Click “new in store” and they’ll be at the top. These are quests only and do not include the start at level 15 characters, druid or epic destinies.

There should also be a big sale at the end of the month for store options like extra classes & inventory. I’m sitting on a few thousand points from reincarnating a couple times (Cleric was fun) and not repeating any quests. They come pretty fast now that we don’t have to buy content packs.

Yup from what I’ve seen.

There will be another expansion coming out later this year. Higher levels, unicorns and displacer beasts.

New server today. Open to everyone, limited permadeath.


I just died to a crab in the borderlands. x_x