Dead pixel rows on old (fat) Nintendo DS

Earlier this week my daughter’s fat DS started getting dead pixels in the upper screen, in the left side of a row about 1/3 the way from the top. Over the next several days the dead pixels in the row marched to the right so that now that entire row is dead. Now the row above has some dead pixels on the far right and that has slowly grown to the left.

What causes this? Is there any way to fix it? I know the PSP supposedly has a dead pixel fixing program – anything similar that can be done for a DS? Thanks!

If they’re happening in such a regular and predictable fashion, I’d imagine it’s a problem with the graphics hardware or screen integrity rather than the individual pixels getting stuck. I’m not sure if it’s possible to repair something like that on an old DS without the effort and expense making it more worthwhile to just get a new one.

Yeah, that’s what I feared. It is probably replacement time – it has had a good run so I can hardly complain. I guess she can still use it as a GBA game player since she can have it run on the bottom screen only, so there’s that.

A friend of mine takes broken DS’s apart and replace things like screens or cracked cases. He said that the parts are easy to order online, and replacing the screen is pretty easy. (He is not a crack electronics expert…) So it’s within the realm of possibility to fix it yourself.

Hmmm, I’ll definitely look into it. Will be fun and if I screw it up it’s no big deal – it is quickly becoming painful to play anyhow. Thanks.