Dead Space (no spoliarz)

Yeah, of course there will be no spoilers, the game isn’t even out yet! HAR HAR HAR!

Oh wait, one minor spoiler: There are dead things. In space.

Anyway, I’m getting all excited for this so had to start something. Especially nice is that it’s evidently passed Sony and MS certification and got moved up two weeks to 10/14 ship date. Woo! (Learned this from the protagonist’s Twitter feed…)

Also, if you haven’t checked out the festive online Ben Templesmith comic, do so. (Main site, click “COMIC” in top nav, slide over bottom nav until you find issue zero, work forwards from there.)

I think what put me over the top was the Game Informer preview that mentioned there are some decent character / weapon upgrade options in the game. Hooray for lite RPG elements in with my Carpenter-like hideous gorefest!

From what I’ve seen, I’m pretty intrigued. I’m worried, though, that the ‘dismember to kill’ system is going to end up gimmicky, after you do it a few times.

According to said GI preview, it really doesn’t. (Unfortunately the bastards don’t have it online as yet.) Still, I agree with you, the jury’s out somewhat.

Can’t wait to see the anime feature that’s out next month.

In terms of “alien sci-fi horror” Dead Space ticks all the right boxes with me, so I’d probably get at least as much enjoyment from it as I did from Doom 3 (say what you like about the gameplay, but I found it genuinely scary). As I haven’t seen a decent horror film (that actually freaked me out) for about 20 years, Doom 3 scratched that particular itch. I suspect Dead Space will do the same. But whether it goes any deeper I seriously doubt. I’m also not entirely convinced about the third-person perspective, especially the “get knocked down, wait 2 seconds while character gets up, dusts self off, and hands control back to player” part.

Exactly. Everything about the mood, setting, and atmosphere has me hyped and onboard, but I’m concerned that some of their gameplay settings may end up killing the joy. Hopefully they’ll release a demo, so we can find out for ourselves.

Yeah, I’m pretty excited about this game myself. I love these kinds of settings even though they’ve been done to death. And I never get tired of zombie aliens. This will be the game that kicks off the fall buying frenzy for me.

Lets hope this one actually gets some polish and not shat out the door like Mercs 2 and Force Unleashed.

Someone has to do it:

Since it’s EA published it probably will have the same DRM than Crysis Warhead and Spore.

No sale for me until it goes down in price.

Unless you get it for a console. =)

Dude you’re drunk! (again) ;)

I confess I am seriously stoked about this game based on nothing more than the mood and content – being a huge fan of The Thing and the Alien movies, this looks right up my alley. Hell, I don’t even care of it’s got weird controls or some counter-intuitive mechanics, I dealt with that stuff with Resident Evil. Though it looks pretty polished, so I’m going to allow myself to hope that this game is the complete package.

With this and BioShock, looks like a good month for people who stuck to their PS3’s and missed out on some of that action. Always nice to see relatively ‘normal’ characters (an engineer as opposed to a trained lasergunslinger) in stuff like this, so it’s nice for the game’s developers to continue that.

(And the GTTV stuff they keep online does look pretty gory, so three cheers for Halloween gaming, I guess.)

And now we have the Dead Space grindhouse trailer.

“Some things are better left… unexplored.


If it’s half as fun as Mercs 2, it’s going on my Christmas List.

Kotaku is reporting that EA is offering platform exclusive suits for those that buy and play the game within its first two weeks of release.

I have done that so many times! What is it about ending a word in “in” that makes you want to put that g there!?

Back on topic - do the suits confer any actual advantage, or is it purely gratuitous? Seems weird to be getting cosmetic mods for a single player game …

It’s like an orgy, after the summer gaming drought, and the TV season being cut short last year, I’m positively drunk on entertainment options now!

Whaddaya playin’ huh stusser huh huh whaddaya playin’ now???

Personally I was all into King’s Bounty, but then I stuck my second 8800GT into my PC (after bad experiences with the first one due to not powering it right on plugin) and now I’m all into finally playing through Crysis. DAMN that game is beautiful once you can crank it a bit.

Once I get tired of Crysis I’ll probably detour into Hinterland, and then Dead Space in a couple more weeks, and then Fable 2 ONE WEEK LATER, and then Fallout 3 ONE WEEK AFTER THAT… fuck, the gaming industry ROCKS. Even if you only pick the cream of the crop, you’re drowning in cream! (at least if you have only 8 hrs a week to game, like I do!)

I didn’t have any interest in this until I watched the Gametrailers preview, but now it’s like my second most anticipated game of the year after Far Cry 2.