Dead Space (no spoliarz)


All righty then, Dead Space: reinstalled. I’ll probably pick up where I left off with my last play through a few chapters in, but what the heck, let’s go!


I still have Game Pass in October, so I’ll be playing Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War (U) and Snake Pass. I can join you in November though, right after I try Mark of the Ninja Remastered.

I already started Dead Space 2, so I have a small head start compared to someone who is starting now/soon.


Yeah but in November it won’t be scary anymore.


True, but at least it will still taste and smell like pumpkin spice.


Downloading now. I’ll give it a shot tonight, lights out, sound up loud.


Ok, there she is. So pretty, and yet…

The USG Ishimura. 42 million in adjusted dollars. Minus payload of course. Oh sorry, wrong movie.

Speaking of expensive things and trashing them, the pilots in this tub we flew in on really need to go back to flight school. What a mess.

What am I doing back here? I remember images, sounds, a nightmare, something skittering. Ugh, it’s horrible, and yet here we are again. Everyone seems so unconcerned, they have no idea, they haven’t played this game before.

Hey dude, do you mind if I borrow that weapon for a few seconds? Trust me you won’t need it.

What do you mean you want me to run a diagnostic? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DO THIS?

Nope, fuck this. I’m leaving.


Nice pics! The game doesn’t look nearly so sharp in backward compatability on my Xbox One, but it’ll do for a country job. I am cheating a little bit, because I am picking up on an old save that’s partway through. OK, it’s in chapter 5. I am wearing the military suit and have weapons that are pretty powered up, so I’m certainly missing some of the tension, I admit, but I was working on that achievement for using only the plasma cutter and I kind of still want to keep going with that. I always told myself if I did that, I’d start over on impossible mode and try that, we’ll see if I have the nerve and the stamina.

But where I am now, I was just introduced to the regenerator, and had a couple of harrowing escapes. I remember how shocked I was the first time I encountered that guy, when the monster I had dismembered suddenly started sprouting new limbs and stood back up. OH FUCK, I’m pretty sure I thought, and turned and ran. And this time around I did pretty much the same thing. I’m tasked with assembling a poison for a biological mass that’s taken up residence in the food stores. I’ve got the individual components, just need to mix it up and I’ll have a stew, baby!


I booted up Dead Space 2 last night. Unfortunately I only got to play for about 30 seconds. Maybe I’ll get more time tonight. At least that was long enough for me to get used to the controls again. I think.

I still feel naked in DS2, since my character now has a suit, but no helmet.


You know what, I’ve booted the game up three times since that first introduction, and every single time I lose my nerve to run the damage report. I’ve built this thing up in my mind so much that I’m terrified of actually “starting” the game. The only other thing that affects me like this is vertigo. If I’m climbing the side of a steep hill and suddenly get an attack of vertigo, I have to stop, sit down and try to convince myself that it’s perfectly safe. If I don’t have someone else there to encourage me / mock me I’m liable to turn around and head back down, but if I fight through it then suddenly it wasn’t so bad after all.

It’s bizarre, I love this game and yet… right. I’ve convinced myself, I’m going in…

Incidentally, the “plasma cutter only” achievement actually does sound like a good idea. Last playthrough I didn’t exclusively use it, but I came close… maybe 85% of the time. I broke out the flame thrower for those tiny skittering bastards, and messed around with the others at times too, but it’s definitely doable on normal. Not sure about Impossible mode.

And yes, the regenerator is one of the main reasons I’m having trouble starting. Not sure I want to face that horror again, especially in that first room where you’re desperately trying to open the door and it’s there, behind you, reforming. LET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! (that’s what I was thinking, possibly with OH FUCK in there as well)


Ok, the key to this game is to perhaps not play it around midnight with the sound up loud! ;)

I feel somehow responsible.

And then the bit I’d been dreading was actually just fine actually, that mad dash to safety surrounded by nasties and with no weapon. I made it to the elevator, pressed the button, shut the doors. Phew, I’m safe.

Nooo! What the fuck! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Thankfully there’s no safety system on this ship, the doors are lethal! I wonder how many workers got chopped up over the years and nobody reported it?

So, after you? No after you! No, I insist, after you…

Well that’s a strange thing to write using ketchup. That is ketchup, right?

ARGH, ANOTHER ONE! I kill you with my BOOT!

I remember this game being one long series of conversations separated by bulletproof glass!

It is still very effective. Sanctuary is just there, just out of reach, the feeling that you might not be completely alone after all.

The other part of this game, of course, is fixing the damn ship. I mean, the whole thing is fucked. But I guess this is what they’re paying me for. You are paying me, right? Hello?

And going back to that idea of sanctuary, these are always the most welcome sight. You also learn quickly that if you’re in a room with one of these, you’re safe. Usually.

Not sure if I’m going to play the entire thing with screenshots like this, but it helps to get into the flow of things. Besides, this is the no spoliarz thread so I’d better limit the spoliarz.


Game still looks great!


It does, I wasn’t sure how it would hold up but together with its remarkable sound ambiance (which hasn’t dated a day) it still feels like a relatively modern title. It still has the old (ie. never fixed) vsync bug, which leads to sluggish mouse movement, but I fixed this by turning off vsync in the app and enabling it under nvidia control panel. I tried the controller but I find the mouse far more precise, and when faced with a jumble of limbs and claws heading in your direction then precision is exactly what I need!


Dead Space 3 is the best Dead Space.


Or just continue posting screengrabs of the first game, which is a pretty compelling argument in itself. Those look great.



No Tom, Dead Space 3 was the worst , especially when you end up on the frozen planet.


Dead Space 3 had some really cool parts, some really cool ideas. Floating around in space at the beginning, exploring all those drifting space hulks in orbit over the ice planet was pretty great. Didn’t hit the highs of the first two games, but still really interesting. It’s just that once you get down to the planet, things get … boring. The weird love triangle thing with Ellie and what’s his name, your boring space marine partner, the boring space aliens who lived on the planet once upon a time … it was all just so, what’s the word? It’s on the tip of my tongue.


There’s some strange writing on the floor and walls here. This must have been a school room, perhaps? All those kids, the scamps, writing on the floor!

Look at this guy, just lying there. It’s totally not playing possum or anything. No, I’d better just let it sleep and come back a bit later…

Oh look, toilets. And the lights just went out and came back on again. That’s not spooky at all. I wonder what’s in there.

Oh, nothing at all! How anticlimactic. I bet the next time I go into some toilets expecting nothing I’ll find something leaping at my face!

There’s lots of great industrial machinery in Dead Space. Not sure what this cage is, but it’s broken, swinging back and forth ominously, casting scary shadows on the floor. What was once a functional piece of machinery now seems as alien as the rest of the necromorphs.

Finally, upgrades! I want everything, and I want it now! What do you mean I only have two power nodes? Hmmm. Damage and capacity increase. Yeah, that sounds reassuring. I’ve also already completely run out of inventory space, packed as it is with med packs and plasma rounds. This crappy suit is feeling restrictive already.

So now that I’ve replaced the broken tram and got the control circuit I need, I can finally get this thing working again. Look Chris Roberts, a working tramway system years before Star Citizen!

What do you mean, go back to the shuttle? Who put you in charge anyway? Oh, I guess the company did. Anyway, backtracking through these early areas is the kind of thing Dead Space does so well. It’s never quite the same, and you know from the skittering things in the mist that bad things are going to happen.

I’d show you those bad things, but I was a bit too occupied trying to stop them from chewing my face off that I keep forgetting to hit F12.

Anyway, back to the shuttle, let’s see if we can’t get this thing working aga…

Oh crap. There goes my ride off this pile of junk. The only solution is to find the pilot. His body is in Medical. Ah yes, Medical. Every sci-fi horror movie has to have a Medical section. It’s where BAD THINGS happen.

Well, goodbye world. Let’s take a last look at this iconic view which I’m sure we’ll see again…




I tried to play dead space 3 but for all the cool modification they sacrificed scares,atmosphere, and story. Dead Space 3 suffers from Alien 3 syndrome.


Ok, quick toilet break.

On second thoughts, I can hold it.

I’m at the tram station. It’s remarkably free of gore and viscera. However, it does have these scary ads. I’m not sure what (or who) Peng is, but it’s not exactly selling it. The Bonitica ad is even more depressing. Ok, back to the alien zombies.

Finally, a store! I can buy some Mountain Dew perhaps, or some Peng. But wait, what’s this? Who sells all this shit at the tram station?

I guess that suit sounds pretty fly. I’ll just step into this completely trustworthy device…

Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Check it.

For my money, I get a grand total of 3 additional inventory slots and… that’s it? Ok, that’s why you don’t buy shit at the tram station. At least I look more like a deep sea diver.

I take the tram and the next station is… well, a mess. There’s body bags everywhere. I suppose this is the medical deck, but it looks more like a morgue right now. But wait, what’s this! An actual, living person? Uh…

It’s not really a spoiler if I tell you she doesn’t last very long. Dies in a very dramatic fashion with limbs flailing everywhere thanks to the ragdoll system kicking in. At least she gave me the ability to do this…

I feel like a Jedi, force pushing things out of the way. I hope it comes in more useful than just moving a couple of crates.

Down this corridor, following a blood trail, it must lead to the medical section! But what’s this? More anti-science propaganda! Hey, you’d still be back on Earth relaxing by the river and watching the sunset without science, instead of being on this advanced starship surrounded by alien corpses. Wait, ok, you may have a point.

Well we got to Medical. I remember this room. It is horrible.




Finally, the office I was looking for… wait, why am I in here again? I was just following the open doors! Is this the chain smoking villain?

He must be a villain, he has this poorly concealed room behind this bookcase. If only I had the ability to move things out of the way with my mind…

So, there it is. Don’t blame the scientist, guys. It’s the freakin’ religious nutjobs this time. Note the foreshadowing in the background.

Ok, I’ll just loot the place and figure out where to go next.



Oh hi! Excuse me, are those babies you’re keeping in liquid vats? Can I see your ethics permit please? That’s ok, I’ll wait.

Someone must have bagged one of Ripley’s bad guys here…

Are you serious? Those things are like hen’s teeth. Besides, I need it for my plasma cutter.

It’s time to use my kinesis module again. I’m not actually sure what the purpose of this equipment actually is, but it looks potentially dangerous.

Ah, finally, my first zero-g section! I love these, so haunting. Sound is muffled and replaced by a sound ambiance right out of Alien 3.

We’re not actually in zero-g yet, despite look out through a giant hole in the hull at spaaaaaace.

Ah, here we go. Wait, hold on. This guy isn’t wearing his gravity boots!

Spectacular and potentially disorientating, but I am a master at Descent, so no worries.

I’m getting to the stage in the game where I’m starting to stomp on every dead body I see, for… reasons.

Feeling queasy yet?

In the future, they still haven’t figure out how to put a USB plug into a socket first time.

Ok, I got out of that fairly easily. Back at the workbench and it’s time to upgrade my plasma cutter! I’m going to try and do the whole thing with just the plasma cutter, which could be asking for trouble, but here goes. MOAR DAMAGE.

Oh shit! I hate these things! There goes an entire plasma clip. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Time to blow the thermite to clear the barrier preventing progress. I’ll just set it and get back to a safe distaaaaAAAAAAAAAAARRGGHHH!

Oh yeah, I guess this engineering suit does have its uses. Anyway, I FUCKING HATE THIS NEXT BIT. Time to take a break.