Death of a genre - hunting games?

Does everyone remember when hunting games were all the rage in US sales charts ? What happened ? I don’t think they even rate a mention anymore.

A friend sent me a copy of Trophy Hunter 2003 from the US and it was very good. You can’t even buy hunting games like that here in Australia.

I think maybe they just ran out of steam. For awhile it seemed like you couldn’t go into a game section at the store without seeing about ten different hunting games. I’m personally kind of glad to be seeing less of them.

Well, there’s only so much you can do with the genre. And nobody was doing any of it. Poor quality killed the craze, I think - like Atari in the early eighties.
There is a new Deer Hunter coming for multiple consoles soon.
Does that sting a little?

Amazing that nobody has made a Crocodile Hunter game yet, eh?

You don’t kill the animals, you just nick up on 'em and annoy the buggers! Then run the bloody 'ell outta there before they nip yer bum!

They are still crankin’ 'em out.

Sorry to say you cannot mow them down from a plane yet Sean. Keep your fingers crossed.

This is pretty close:

(Yes, I saw it on OMM.)

Speaking of the Crocidile hunter, did anyone see this?

That man truly is insane.

It’s linked off Yahoo’s main page as “Steve Irwin feeds crocodile with baby.”