Death Valley on MTV

Am I the only one watching this? Surprisingly to me at least, I’m loving the hell out of this. The cast is amazing and there is a real narrative arc to the episodes. It’s like a deeper Reno 911 with zombies and vampires.

That was unexpected yet intriguing.


Like Reno 911 you say? /pant

I think, for the first time since MTVs Undressed, I have a reason to watch MTV again.

I love it. It was talked about briefly in the Fall TV thread, but it really should have its own thread. It’s just fun as hell.

Love the show. I was most shocked by it being on MTV because I really don’t expect to find shows worth watching on that network.

What’s weird and interesting about the show is, among all the silliness there are these dramatic threads that work surprisingly well.

“Dude, you Glock blocked me.”

This show surprised me, in that I actually loved it. Music in the last episode was great too (Overkill River: the valley) during the hospital montage. I agree with Hugin, the dramatic subplots work pretty well.

So, I am almost afraid to ask: has it been renewed?

Note: I see the thread is a bit old. They just ran the show in MTV for latinamerica.

Sadly cancelled.

Well, crap. Thanks for the info.

I really don´t get it. It HAD to have more viewers than 90% of the shit MTV puts out these days no? I tought it was better than that other zombie show.

Fuck. That sucks. It had a deep cosmology. I wanted to know what killed the vampire lord in the season ending cliff-hanger.

I’ve never heard of this show. I hate when I only hear about a show when it’s gone. At least I won’t have my hopes up now, I guess. Is it still worth watching the first season, knowing that it won’t be back?

Oh yeah, it’s hilariously funny and has a consistently outstanding soundtrack. Even if the over-arching narrative arc will never be completed, it’s still balls-to-the-wall hysterical.

I think some of the episodes worked much more than others (the school was hilarious) and I think the acting is just fine for what the show is. As Mr. Solomon said, the soundtrack is pretty good.

I think the first (only, damnit) season is worth watching yeah.

MTV launched this around the same time as their Teen Wolf series re-imagining, so I think people were really feeling the “Twilight”-fatigue from the over-saturation.

I was intrigued by the concept, but never watched it, since it got very divided reviews, people seemed to either love it or hate it.

I liked the way it had the “cops” feel to it, but I never knew when it was on.
MTV is an odd network.

I liked one scene where you’re watching from the cameraman’s POV and a cop turns and says “Ooop, cameraman got bit” (by a zombie) and then blows him (you) away in an instant.