DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon


The Outer Wilds works with a single solution because it’s about solving a mystery, the player isn’t just figuring out through trial and error the one sequence of actions that works. If Deathloop works somewhat like that it could be interesting to play. If it’s just “shoot the bad guy during the 30 second window when he takes off his armor”, that just sounds tedious.

Also on the matter of Outer Wilds,

Everyone should try it unless they are incapable of curiosity and a sense of wonder. It doesn’t feel repetitive at all.

Does that seem likely?

I don’t know, I’m not really getting a clear picture of what it plays like. I’m sure it’s more complicated, but the IGN quote @MrTibbs posted earlier makes it sound like a Hitman level with only one way to kill the targets.

Dishonored Hitman Mooncrash Outer Wilds Dark Souls?

I have to admit the same, unfortunately. Terrible quote.

Sounds like a similar structure as Mooncrash.

“Myst with guns.”

Myst meets Groundhog Day meets Dishonored 2 , in the 1960s.

Does anybody want that game, though?

I would have preferred Dishonored 3.

This, all damn day.

Creative people like to try different stuff.

@Alistair so much this. Personally, I love when companies just do what they want, how they want (and I’d say I walk that walk). Sure, I do occasionally enjoy the Ubisoft-style corporate-desisigned-according-to-a-checklist-of-what’s-popular game, but seeing a non-tiny-indie company just getting to do what they want, how they want, in the style they want, makes me happy. I’m certainly going to check this out when the exclusivity period is up and it hits Xbox.

Let’s hope it works out better than Battleborn.

I don’t get the connection. If anything, it was the other way- Battleborn seemed to be a pretty standard Hero Shooter when those things were the current hip flavor-of-the-month. Kind of the epitome of designing to go after a perceived market, rather than doing what they creatively wanted to do. But I never played it, I could be wrong.

Well, Randy Pitchford and others at Gearbox repeatedly said Battleborn was what they made instead of Borderlands 3 immediately after Borderlands 2 because that was they wanted to play. A hero shooter with their Gearbox aesthetic. I think Pitchford’s quote was something along the lines of “it would’ve been easier to do the obvious thing and just make the next Borderlands.”

At least this reminds me I should go back and play Mooncrash. I never finished it as I got burned out on Prey after finishing the main campaign and quickly moved on to another game.

From what I recall Dishonored 2 didn’t sell as well as they’d hoped, so this might not only be a creative choice to try out something different.

I confused this with Loop Hero

great to have 2 loop games! Never enough loops. ;)