Death's Door - new action-adventure by the makers of Titan Souls

Yeah, I was also the beneficiary of early advice in this thread, mostly from krok, about planting seeds as I went. So by the time I got to the end of the game, the first of the completionist things I didn’t need to worry about was seeds, since I already had all of those. All the various temples were the hardest things to find, and I finally just looked up the locations of the last two that I couldn’t find.

I like the art direction. The Guardian’s little feet were a particular treat.

Thanks - next time I’m frustrated, I’ll take a break and go backtracking for secrets!

Such a gorgeous game.

Sometimes when I’m running around exploring I’m reminded of this and chuckle:

That very much appeals to my sense of humor. :)

I did take a break and went shrine-hunting, courtesy of tips from the human sailor, and added two blobs to my life bar which helped a lot with some of the bosses.

Last night I managed to get the third great soul (even though I was playing with my custom difficulty modifiers*), and today I got to the credits, then finished up the various night-time tasks. I quite liked these as a mostly mellow post-game wander around the place, nicely relaxing after the last boss battle.

Anyway, all in all a great game, I really enjoyed it - it had interrupted me playing Metroid Dread, and kept my attention to the end.

* i.e. was drinking wine whilst playing.

Yay! Good job wavey. Glad you got to see the post game stuff too.

I have died several more times! Although since there is no penalty actually death has sort of helped me save time because I don’t have to traipse back to the door to spend my souls.

Excellent. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you got to the true ending. :) Definitely the best post-credits / epilogue sequence to a game that I can remember.


I did, and it was great! But I must admit I did read a guide to find out the things I needed to do when it was night, I lacked the patience to explore and guess. For some reason I couldn’t make a dent in the various shot-improvement bosses, so they remained undone - I left it at 96% done, and I’m happy with that. I’ll be looking out for future projects from Acid Nerve (who I’ve just found out are based in my home town of Manchester!)

Those were hard! I managed two of them, after many multiple attempts!

I think I got to 99%. The Frozen Canyon was my nemesis, but sliding ice mechanics are nearly as bad as poison mechanics!

Yes, those are both great mechanics, I agree! :-P

Hey, this is pretty good so far. I just entered the land of the witch so I’m not far in. It feels nice and fluid.

This seems like one of the games that benefits from having achievements. I wish I didn’t buy it from Epic.

Didn’t all games on the EGS get achievements recently?

That’s what I thought was going to happen but no. I think what they did was add some kind of sitewide achievements framework so you can compare yours to other people like on steam?

Moved to “Up Next” on their Trello board on April 8, 2020.

A nice documentary / interview with the devs. There’s a (clearly marked) spoiler part which is really interesting, going into the overall lore of the world revealed by the true ending.

Ah, nice and insightful.

In other news: out now on Switch, PS5 & PS4.

Ok. Do I want this on PS5 or Switch? I really can’t decide.

Do you want a 4K image? Do you hate 30fps? Are you never going to play this portably? Then PS5.

Otherwise Switch! :)

Would probably be a nice game to play in bed.