Death's Door - new action-adventure by the makers of Titan Souls

You’ll kick yourself when you find it then, because it’s right there. I mean, assuming you’ve gone up the elevator, climbed the top of the castle, and gone across to the caves where the Camp of the Free Crows door is.

I found it before I read your post! Damn hallways that blend in!

Last night I successfully did this little frozen lake area that lead to a Guardian shrine. Very cool. It was frustrating at first, but it felt great when I finally got it.

How many hours do you have in this? Good old How Long to Beat lists a “completionist” run as 14 hours but I get the impression from your posts of…more than that.

My Xbox app says I have 16 hours 27 minutes so far. I’m not sure how close I am to the end though.

I always go way, way slower than How Long To Beat. I think they get their stats from Tim James.

I’m at 12 hours, and have just beaten the second of three major story bosses. No idea how much endgame will remain after the third.

Oh my, well done. I tried that many times and gave up, far too frustrating. I got to the third gate once, then died and woof… back to the start! FUCK THIS, I think I said. ;)

21.3 hours for 99% completion - I didn’t get the aforementioned frozen area shrine, but I got everything else including the true ending. I am usually slower than average with these things. People who just race through the game were finishing it after 6 hours. I think it took me around 16 hours to beat the final boss before going for the true ending.

Got to the top and beat the beast. And then I went through the door, since I figure the game won’t end yet since I don’t have the last ability yet that will let me have all the traversal stuff so I can collect everything. I need that last ability damn it! I’m guessing it’s some kind of teleport with all those big circular pads everywhere.

You will seriously, SERIOUSLY kick yourself when you find out what those are for. Like I did.

Not really a spoiler, but… you already have the ability to use those.
More of a spoiler… they are sewer covers.
Even more of a spoiler… you can open them, somehow, with an ability you were taught early on and probably never used.

You have GOT to be joking.

So have I screwed myself by going through the door then? Am I past the point of no return? Or is there a way back later?

EDIT: Oh hey cool, I’ve never tried this before, but when you select “Leave” after dying during a boss fight, you er… you leave! So I can still go back.

Yeah you can go back anytime. Including after the boss fight. :) But which one are you on now?

Did you figure out how to use those “pads” yet? :)

Yep, got the pads thanks to your post. And now I have all the seeds planted. And a few more pray shrines. Looks like I still have 4 more magic shrines left, 2 more health shrines, and 5 more shiny things left to find.

I assume you’ve had plenty of Jefferson’s soup to help in that regard?

I tired it about 3 times, and I think it only gives me the same 3 pieces of advice. I think I’ve already found those three?

No, the advice changes once you find the thing it’s talking about. At least that’s how it worked for me. Not sure if it covers everything in the game, that would be a lot!

Also, to save you some fruitless searching, not all shinies can be found until you have beaten the final boss.

Now down to 4 shrines and 4 shiny objects.

And I just checked the sailor again, and his 3 advice are still the same, 3 that I’ve already gotten long ago.

That’s weird, I found a bunch through him by solving each riddle and going back for the next one or two. But maybe he only has a handful and you’ve done all of those.

By the way, another thing you might want to know about tracking down secrets… it gets easier once you have beaten the final boss.

I did beat the final boss. And rang the bell. I suppose it’s a little easier.

I have to admit, it’s the first time I’m still playing a game after beating the final boss. This twist kind of makes it different from all the other games where I lose all motivation to keep going.

I did find all the shiny objects now. And an owl. And a bunch of other stuff.

Ah excellent, yes the endgame here is definitely worth doing. It’s more of an epilogue than anything else.