Deeeez nuts

What does this mean? I saw it on the Chappelle Show, and now I saw a reference to it somewhere else in writing.

I understand that it apparently is a song off The Chronic, but what is the story behind it being humorous to shout Deeeez Nuts at people?

Deeez nutz in yo’ mouf.


Got Deez?

Five years ago, in the O’Charley’s kitchen

Jack, 45 year old cook: “Hey man, guess who I just saw hanging out in the bathroom?”

Me, 20 year old college waiter: “I dunno, who?”

Jack: “Deez nuts! AHAHAHAHA!”

and then we went back to work.

A gangsta rap reference to “these nuts” usually used like CCZ quoted. Both Snoop and Dre’s early albums have references to it, I’m sure there are others.

“Deez Nuts on yo chin!”

Thank you. I had discovered another urban dictionary definition page that basically consisted of saying it was funny because, you know, “Deez Nuts,” and decided to come here.

Urbandictionary is amazing.

There was a bowling team in my league called “Deez Nuts” Dee was the captain. Still makes me laugh.

When I was in 2nd grade (mid-80s), there was a piece of notebook paper that was found before school in the “line to get in the classroom”.

It had crudely drawn pictures of genitals and the line “deez nuts” on it.

The meme is old.

There’s a line by Snoop on the Dre Chronic album where he tells some chick to suck on “deez muthafuckin’ nuhhhuuuutz”.

Kunikos has no more Compton cred.

I got my sideways gat all up in your grill. Come on now, bring the ruck. Hey yall best back down now! Das right! You can’t step to this, bish!


I thought it was the new Planters advertising slogan.

“Deez Nuts were grown down south! Deez Nuts go in yo mouth!”
/cue dancing Mr. Peanut

No, no. Not mouth, mouf. Deez nuts go in yo mouf!