Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (Early Access) 2024

Damn this (auto shooter w/mining) got its hooks in me over the weekend. 3 classes unlocked so far and the grind feels just right. Its a great twist of the original game, without the need to aim / shoot at anything. :D

Get ready to see this screen for a few hours, as the final depth level Dreadnought is a beast!

Rock and Stone!

The best auto shooter without “Vampire” in the name.

This looks really fun. I’ll probably pick it up in early release because it’s super cheap but I hope it comes to consoles before too long.

Normally, I prefer the ability to aim, but it’s the right call here, because of the mining aspect.

It is possible to win the first run, but I got to maybe the second area, lol. My first win came after I unlocked the gunner, on my second run with that class.

It definitely is. There are lots of weapons and other things to unlock and upgrades to buy. I really like how the enemy behavior is affected by the mining/rocks. The moment to moment gameplay is a lot of fun and imo very satisfying.

What this game doesn’t have is the “make a crazy build to break the game” aspect, as far as I can tell. The most you can do is lean into a damage type.

I’ve only played a bit, but I absolutely love it. The perfect mixture of the DRG and VS formulas.

Oh, nice! This one really got its hooks into me during a previous Steam Next demo week thing. Seems like a great Steam Deck game.

I’ve been playing it on deck. Some ui stuff is a bit small, but otherwise it’s great

Are there any winning conditions or is it always one session until you get inevitably overwhelmed by spongy enemies?

There is a boss to defeat on the final level of a run. You probably won’t manage that for a bit.

Glad to see the reviews here are a tad more favorable than the steam reviews. I’m highly interested in this due to both DRG and Vampire Survivors, but might actually be something I wait on to cook for a bit. I loved VS, but after getting all the achievements my enthusiasm died a little and I’d hate for the same to happen here so early in Early Access.

Only about 5 hours in, all classes unlocked finally. :)

Playing this has me wondering if a tower defense game would work for this IP.

tower defense

Just play the engineer.

Played about 45 minutes on ROG Ally, digging it so far.

Seems like they’ve upped the difficulty since the demo. I was regularly getting to the boss before the demo period ended, now I’m having trouble even getting past the third dig.

Also, it seems to be doing well:

Definitely harder than the demo, but not as bad as it seems at first. I had my first win within a couple of hours.

Ba dum, tssh

Totally unintentional I swear!!!

Geometry survivor launches today. Same genre but stripped down vector graphics.

Got this last week and have been enjoying it so far. The digging mechanic adds a layer that sets it somewhat apart from your average VS clone. Weapons feel nice. The game could use a few more weapon and enemy types, but since it’s Early Access, I’m not gonna hold that against it at this point. Certainly already got enough playtime and enjoyment out of it for the 9 bucks I spent on it.

Upgrading the skill boosts to the higher levels does feel a bit grind-y once you reach the point where you need 10000+ Credits and 50+ of a resource to get to the next spot. Even when you trade in/buy resources.

On sale 25% off so picked it up. Unlocked 3 classes so far. This is a game where it gets so exciting at the final few levels and how much more powerful you are at the end.

So much to unlock it’s crazy

The new update is fantastic. Overclocks no longer have to be unlocked for each weapon. Instead, you unlock the ability to do mastery runs with each weapon. They made the game more fun and added more content! Plus there are mastery runs for each class Mod and for the biomes. Each mastery provides permanent bonuses of some sort and each type of mastery has a different flavor (weapon masteries are only the three levels, e.g.).

They also added some crazy hard challenges for people that are not me, like unable to move or take damage when you level.

Well I’m done.

I like the gameplay mechanics but after 16 hrs I can’t even complete hazard 2 reliably. I don’t know why haz 1 is so easy, but hazard 2 is so much harder.

A lot comes down to drops and my levels (I’ve leveled everything to about the same between 13-17) and you really can’t progress in getting more meta-upgrades without upping the hazard level.

So I’m stuck in no mans land. Unable to beat haz 3 at all, haz 2 is 50/50 and it’s just a grindfest at this point with no progress whatsoever.

It’s EA so maybe they’ll change it up, but I’m done for now.