Deity Empires


Given that it’s still EA, and it says something like “tp be continued” I was willing to cut them some slack.


It’s not marked EA anywhere, which confuses the hell out of me.


Yikes, that Literal-Man tone would take me right out of the game instantly. Bizarro Dominions!


I think tgb was perhaps referring to Wizards and Warriors which I think is still in EA. Deity Empires is not in EA (though it probably should be). Also, W&W does not have the tactical battles that DE does so very different games.


Correctamundo. Perhaps we should take our W&W talk elsewhere, as this thread is getting kind of confusing :).


OH okay. I was confused because Das kept saying the game was in early access as well.


[quote=“Sonoftgb, post:58, topic:137834, full:true”]
Where is that from? Not from the in-game encyclopedia.
[/quote] That’s from hitting F1/Help Manual (in Deity Empires). If there is some other encyclopedia in-game, I am overlooking it.


No, I thought we were still on Wizards & Warriors. As I said, confusing.


I hope you start a thread on that one. It looks like another really promising game, but so little info seems to be available about it.


I will when I get more time in with it.


The game with the cut off tutorial is Wizards and Warriors, I think. And that one seems to be marked Early Access on the Steam page.


THIS IS WHY THIS THREAD IS CONFUSING. ;) I meant Deity Empires. Das called it early access many times on his streams.




They should just combine the games so we’re not confused. Wizards and Empires!


That… actually sounds like the better title.


I see updates for this game in Steam and when I click on the View Updates link I’m taken to what is essentially a blank page. Where does one see what these updates are? Nothing in the discussions page sheds light.


Not sure. I have been playing it non-stop the past few days, but I did not notice an update. When I go to Update History, I get no info. I had it set to play the beta, and it appears that that is still what is on my machine.


Found it. In game, F1 has a bullet for Update Notes. And there is info for an update dated yesterday.

  • Cities will have visible names on the map, and they are actual names. :)
  • A spell compendium (finally!)
  • Updated terrain graphics


Thank you @FinnegansFather

I can see the update when I start the game, but once I close out of that and try F1 the update does not reappear although the Help Manual does.

That is a fine looking Melanerpes Erythrocephalus avatar.

We have nine species of woodpecker found in Maine, and the Red-headed is one of them.


A fellow bird watcher, eh? My retirement is all about birds, dogs, and computer gaming. :) But I am jealous, I have never seen your Black-backed or Three-toed.

Visually, this update really helps Deity Empires. The graphics crowd is never going to like the game, but prior to this update, the game actually managed to look significantly worse that Masters of Magic, which released 14 years ago. I’m still hoping for more thorough documentation, not to mention a better designed UI. In that regard, it is such a contrast to Spire of Sorcery, which I am eyeing as they develop it.

Still, Deity Empires gets so much right when it comes to gameplay.