Dell/Alienware Mobile Connect Actually Works with iPhone

I have to admit that it was with great skepticism that I installed Alienware Mobile Connect onto my Aurora desktop PC. I had to first figure out how to get the software onto my desktop (it says “mobile” but works on Alienware PCs), which drivers to install (you install a program and a set of drivers), and what to put on my iPhone.

My first go at using the software was an utter failure. Had multiple connection issues, finally figured out how to get my PC to connect with the iPhone, etc. I gave up and was going to uninstall the program.

Then something magical happened a couple of days ago. I noticed that the phone was connecting via bluetooth when I turned on the PC. Then, out of the blue, a text message popped up on my screen and much to my amazement, it was a text sent to my iPhone. It has been working ever since and I am quite shocked. A phone call to my iPhone popped up on my screen and I was tempted to see if I could actually answer it (but I did not).

What is even more surprising is that in theory from what I’ve read, I am supposed to be keeping my iPhone screen awake. I am doing no such thing and I am still getting messages, etc. from my iPhone.

If somebody were to ask how I set this up, I cannot answer. I am not even sure if I can replicate it on another PC. But whatever I did seems to be doing what I thought was impossible - receiving iMessages on my Windows 10 PC. Just wish there was a way to use this on my Thinkpads. I’d actually pay to do so!

You should get a Mac, not only does an iPhone work with it almost flawlessly, but they have a lot of the same apps that sync. ;-)

Yeah, sadly that is not a real option now as I underestimated the transition from multiple years of Windows programs to MacOS. And, to your point, my daughter just sent a text that appeared on my iPhone that did NOT appear on my screen. So the mobile connect app may not be very reliable.

However, I MAY have to switch back to a Note 10+ if I want texts on my PC screen. Sigh.

Windows 10 has a phone syncing app, is that only Android? Would it work on your ThinkPad?

Wouldn’t that transition be difficult as well? I have a ton of apps I rely on that are iPhone only. I couldn’t make the switch if I wanted to. It’s been 5 years since I had an Android tablet, but I would never want to make that switch anyway.

That’s only android for text messages. It works great with Samsung phones. Almost everything I use on iPhone has an Android version. The killer for me is that OneNote on Android is the most inferior of the bunch. Maybe that will change now that Microsoft is cozier with Android these days.

A second issue is that everyone (and I mean everyone) that I know is on an iPhone except for my Program Coordinator. When I tried to switch multiple times, they all expressed dismay when I show up green in their iMessage app.

No one likes the green people.

Time to see if they can hack it to work on non-Dell PCs.