Dell's 28-inch, 4K monitor. $699

The Big D just dropped this at CES.

Damnit, I was planning on getting a Planar PXL2790MW later this month, but this changes the equation. I’ll probably stick with the Planar (2560X1440) because my R9 290 can drive that resolution in games, whereas you need a pretty ridiculous GPU solution to drive 4K smoothly.

Yikes. Might have to reconsider a few things…

— Alan

Refresh rate is unknown, and rumors are that it might be as low as 30Hz, which would be problematic.

No kidding. I had my display stuck at 30hz for a while when I first installed Ubuntu. Took me a few hours to successfully troubleshoot it and get it fixed. That was about six months ago and I’m unsure if my eyes have fully recovered yet. :)

I would expect this to be very useful for productivity even at 30Hz though. Imagining how my IDEs would look with that many pixels…

30Hz? Yikes. How is that even acceptable?

— Alan

Confirmed from several sources: 30Hz at 3840 x 2160 and 60Hz at 1920 x 1080.

I should add that, since it’s an LCD display, the 30Hz refresh shouldn’t be too annoying for normal desktop stuff, though it’s obviously a non-starter for games.

Well okay so theoretically if you were using something 4K advocates are all about anyway at the moment, which is film/tv, 30Hz. Otherwise it’s a $700 widescreener. Which is not bad, I’d love to see the 60hz stats. Hopefully it performs pretty well.

I haven’t looked at monitors in awhile but is >60Hz a huge selling point like they are for TVs these days? God I’m clueless.

— Alan