Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


It really is insane how much attention she generates. I can’t think of another freshman Congressperson with similar media spotlight ever in my life: certainly not even the soon-to-be U.S. Senator from Illinois who gave the 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote speech.


The GOP is just desperate for their next Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. I mean, I bet they felt they had found a goldmine: a woman who doesn’t know her place, a minority, and a socialist? They took the bait and now it feels like they’re caught on the hook. They just can’t let go and keep getting dragged along for the ride.


Obama was never a Congressman, FWIW. He was a state senator when he gave his epic keynote.

But yeah, incoming freshman Congressperson an instant superstar? It’s downright weird, and mostly the right’s doing.


Because I was curious 👉

Because being a Senator is somewhat more prestigious, Senators are usually referred to as such, though they’re technically congresspeople


I want Warren or Harris. John Kerry would also be amazing. I don’t want any of the other people listed though O’Rourke might be a good VP. Biden is a big do-nothing and honestly has a crappy past with regards to looking out for Americans. We all hated Delaware for the crap they let financial firms get away with. Sanders will re-invigorate Republicans. His age and demeanor are not great.

I think if Warren had run instead of Hillary she would have won the nomination and the presidency. But now that she’s tied to Hillary (who I think would have been an excellent leader), it is some baggage she’ll have to learn to deal with.


John Kerry? Seriously?


He was an amazing Secretary of State. But I realize being good at your job and being a great diplomat does not get you points with the moronic American public.


We need more choices, I don’t want any listed in that twitter forcast.



I kid, but I’m not sure who else has the visibility except… maybe Ted Lieu? He’s be AMAZING. But I get the impression he’s happy where he’s at.


There are and will be more choices.

I know it is a pipe dream, but I want John Hickenlooper, my former Guv from Colorado.

He isn’t progressive enough for the vocal far left… But he is extremely pragmatic and an excellent executive.


This may sound incredibly petty, but I just find it hard to believe the US would elect a president named Hickenlooper.

Of course, Colorado elected him, so maybe you can get used to it.


He is a bit like a goofy dad. You get used to it. Besides, we elected someone named Barack Hussein Obama!


I don’t agree, she was getting alot of headlines/buzz as she won the primary and long before she became a massive target for right-wing propaganda. I think the predominant factor is that Bernie lost and his many young fans were/are looking for more politicians to take on the ‘democratic socialist’ label and agenda. The fact she is intelligent and pretty built the momentum.


He can’t run, he was born in Taiwan.


Sure he can run, he just can’t win. He’d be a great spoiler.




So here’s the thing that may or may not make some folks angry: it appears that there is a very, very big gulf between what the activist, social media sector of the Left want…and what actual Democratic party primary voters want.

The capital L activist Left is most concerned with policy above everything else. Medicare for All. Free college tuition. $15 national minimum wage. Stuff like that.

But exit polling and early candidate polling data of likely Democratic party voters tells a different story. For the plurality of those important voters, the most important thing above all else is electability. Policy is a far distant second.

Going to make for a fascinating 2020 run.


Thank goodness triggercut is here to remind us of the difference between people of actual moral fiber and the Vichy Left.

We were all terribly confused.


Any fuckin’ excuse to use your favorite phrase…


I’m amazed there are still people around who think of the word ‘electability’ as a tangible concept that has a meaning agreed upon by vast numbers of people. Donald Trump was elected President, Bernie Sanders almost beat Hilary Clinton for the nomination, hell I even remember pundit articles saying Obama wasn’t ‘electable’.

Voters who care about electability far above policy should be forced to turn in their voter ID cards.