Dental question

So a crown on one of my molars just popped off. The crown itself is in good shape, just not attached to my tooth anymore.

My dentist is closed for the day and not open this weekend. So it’ll be at least 3 days and possibly longer until I can visit the dentist to get it properly glued back in.

Is there any easy way to self-glue/adhere this thing, using denture stuff or any other over-the-counter type thing I could find at Walgreens, that would hold it in place reasonably well for a few days?

Denture adhesive should work. It’s what my wife was told to use when her veneer came off. I think there is also some more specific filler/adhesive for cracked/broken dental work that I’ve seen in the drugstore section of my supermarket, so Walgreens should have something similar. If I remember the box this dental-work specific stuff is supposed to be good for a day or two (while the denture adhesive isn’t good for nearly as long), but I don’t exactly remember as is was a few years ago and late at night when I went looking for it.

I can come over with my 20 year old soldering iron and put it back in for you for free!

Use a can of compressed air and a straw attachment to dry both tooth and your crown/cap before you glue it back on. You don’t want any saliva to get trapped in there.

avoid sticky foods on that side until you can get it repaired by a professional.

When I had a temp crown put on just before my dentist went on vacation, I was told that if it came off, I could use something from my pharmacy, but I don’t remember what exactly. A pharmacist might be able to give you a recommendation.

And no matter how tasty they look, stay away from cyanoacrylates.

Does it hurt?

No pain. Just makes it hard to eat, or drink anything cold.

I bought some dental cement stuff at Walgreens, but haven’t used it yet - will probably do so tomorrow.