Designated Survivor


To be fair, I run into this all the time, month after month, year after year. People are just used to speaking in their obfiscated language and don’t translate for you into plain English even after years of working with them and asking them over and over to put it terms you can understand.

I mean, they could make the TV trope go away, but I’m just saying that in my experience, in real life this will keep happening even if the trope goes away on TV.


I’m enjoying the second season so far. They seem to have moved away from the conspiracy plotline (or at least it’s urgency is toned way down) and are concentrating more on the political crisis of the week, which is really cool because it gives an interesting (if way oversimplified) view into how such things effect both the President personally and the White House operations in general. Bringing in Evan from Royal Pains has helped with this considerably.

Some things remain super hokey though, such as the IT nerd who somehow seems to live in a basement room at the White House and never gets any screen time except for when they need him to instantly hack or research something that would take days, if not weeks, in the real world. Plus agent Wells still not having a team of any kind even after all that’s happened. The head of the President’s Secret Service detail knows all about her investigation, you’d think he could at least lend her a couple of trustworthy agents to back her up when she needs it. Wells and the IT guy have been “on loan” to the White House from the FBI for months now…and nobody is the least bit suspicious or curious.


So I am caught up now for the final episode this week ahead. Overall not a huge fan of this season. Also I dislike the lawyer character they got Michael J Fox to play.

Wonder how it will end, probably on a cliffhanger that as we now know, will never get resolved.


It will absolutely end on a cliffhanger that is never resolved. Season Three was already in the works when the axe came down last week. They had a new showrunner (the fifth in two seasons) and were assembling a new writing room and script ideas. Part of what sunk it, aside from lower than expected ratings, was Sutherland’s contract stipulation that the show production move from Canada to Los Angeles in season three. That proved to be too expensive for the network to stomach given the ratings decline and problems with show runners.

It is very sad that President Trump managed to stick around longer than President Kirkman.


Crap, I still enjoyed this.


Well that’s a wrap, I felt the final episode closed a few of the ongoing stories, but its totally pointing to a 3rd season that isn’t happening now.

I think the show suffered by having so many different stories going on at the same time.


Agreed, and of widely ranging levels of plausibility and interest.


Yeah, I was not a big fan of the swing from political thriller that was mainly focused on conspiracy with a healthy side of “how Washington works, abridged edition” to West Wing Lite. The addition of Michael J. Fox, as much as I like and respect him, seemed like stunt casting where none was needed, and the storyline with the Russian woman that is now appearing to implicate Emily was just stupid.

I’m sad to see the show end, but I’m also kind of OK with it ending now versus watching it deteriorate further with another season of yet another show runner and all new writing room doing their take on whatever loose plot ends need tying up and how they think Kirkman’s White House should function.

I still wish we had President Kirkman instead of our current POTUS though. Hell, I wish there was even a President Kirkman to vote for in ANY election. The whole idea that he was there to serve the best interests of the American people may have been naïve, but it gave me hope that someone, somewhere was watching, and taking notes.




Wow! This is like the fourth series from network TV this season to be cancelled then resurrected as an Amazon or Netflix series. At what point do we just admit that all shows should be streaming network shows? =)

Glad to see this picked up though. I need more President Kirkman in my life right now given what’s happening in the real White House. I still fear for how terrible the plot may become given the new show runner, writers, etc. and the need to tie up last season’s tilt toward the ridiculous…however the fact that Sutherland and the new show runner have a good rapport and have been hashing out plot ideas gives me more hope. Welcome back Designated Survivor!


I’m really happy it’ll only be 10 episodes. The premise and characters were always great, and the show was dragged down by inane story lines crafted to fill 21/22 episodes each season.


I just started watching this. Am I insane…or is this the most cliched-ridden ‘scripted by 12 year old boys’ writing that the world has ever seen?
I’d be thoroughly ashamed to have written a single line of dialogue on this… I just cannot get past the cliches.


It is horribly, horribly cliched. There’s some good stuff in there, but the cliches never let up.