Developers: Anyone interested in doing an article?

I’m currently trying to commission an article on what goes into the making of modern games for PC Plus magazine in the UK, but the guy who was doing it for us had to drop out. Since we’ve got quite a few devs (indie and otherwise) right here, I thought I’d see if anyone was interested.

The basic idea is to tour a few of the most important things that go into making modern games, like the use of middleware instead of rolling everything from scratch, or the different disciplines required to pull it all together. Needs to be decently comprehensive so that people leave with a better understanding of the process, but not vastly deep. It’s for a general audience who’d like to know more, but probably won’t fire up Visual Studio any time soon.

If you’re interested, drop me a line along with links if you’ve written other stuff that’s available online. (And yep, it’ll be a paid article)