Devs - Alex Garland's next weird jaunt

By FX for Hulu


Visuals are unsurprisingly compelling. Alison Pill and Nick Offerman are big draws for me. I thought Annhilation was kind of a misfire, but a gloriously ambitious one, and I loved Ex Machina. This year is shaping up to have some really good TV.

No idea what I just saw. I’ll watch it.

Looks interesting. I also thought Annihilation was a little weak, but I’m all about Ex Machina, Dredd, and Enslaved, so he’s got goodwill for miles.

Oh damn, I’m in.

This. So much this.

20 minutes into the first episode and I’m pretty sure this is what it’s like on your first day at Valve.

Can’t go wrong with Nick Offerman, I always say.

Watched the first episode. It meets expectations. I have a feeling this is going to be event TV.

Yeah, I mean if you liked Ex Machina and/or Annihilation, this has all the same Garland-isms you’d want and expect. It’s slow and it’s mysterious, filled with symbolism.

Also, Garland seems to have a type, when it comes to his leading women.

Ex Machina -

Annihilation -

Devs -

I like the general atmosphere and a lot of what Garland’s doing. Sonoya Mizuno is not wowing me in the lead role, though she’s a bit better in the second episode, mostly because she can stick to being kind of serious and flat and not try to force cheerful banter or happy romance. Nick Offerman, on the other hand… <3

Seems like the Devs project is about mapping the “tram lines” Offerman was talking about so as to be able to predict human behavior (and apparently, run the same code in reverse to look into the past…given how obsessed with his dead daughter the man is, that actually might be more the point than the future implications.)

Watching the first episode of this and it’s super freaky. Also, somehow Dr. Jurati is in it.

“This is Forgiveness.”

…but we’re still gonna murder you.

And may I say, that 50 ft statue of the little girl is creepy AF.

In episode 2, they’re somehow calling up “video” of the crucifixion of Jesus? And how did Kenton end up killing the Russian spy, when it looked like the latter was choking him out during 90% of the fight?

RE: the fight

The Russian got his head caught on the wheel of the car at a bad angle and Kenton used his own body to snap the Russian’s neck, apparently.

Anyone catch ep3?

Annoyed with a thing they did to advance the plot:

No way would the freakin’ head of security at a secretive company like that walk away from his computer and leave it unlocked, vulnerable to someone who walks up and stick a USB key in it to steal data.

I don’t think it’s unlocked.

I was really horrified by the office space at Amaya - the meeting room in the middle with glass walls on all sides, the lounge 3 feet away from workstations with no intervening sound block of any kind - but my girlfriend assures me that’s very true to real tech companies. Ugh.

Oh yeah, nothing at all unrealistic about what I’ve seen of the “normal” work spaces at Amaya. Fishbowl meeting rooms, people crammed in shoulder to shoulder next to kitchens, etc.

The only thing weird about it was seeing people actually using lounge and outdoor spaces for work. In my experiences, that never happens, for fear of being seen as a slacker for sitting outside or on a couch while working.

But yeah, how would her friend have been able to do what she did if the PC wasn’t unlocked?

I was kinda assuming the drive was preloaded with some sort of hacker tool and/or she broke through regular desktop security. We don’t actually see what exactly is happening when she’s typing at the computer. But if the idea was that it’s unlocked, yeah, that’s silly.

Fair enough, that’s a better explanation even though there’s no evidence in show to support it. But I can go along with it just to keep from being annoyed!

Computer was probably open and in use, he had to rush off, the scene is highly plausible. Also it was security photo, not state secrets.

I was also annoyed a bit, but not by the hacker magic which is a given in this kind of show. I was annoyed that the friend wasn’t the one who pointed out that Lilly was out there on the ledge. That’s the most logical way for that scene to go down. Did they plan on having the Senator’s entourage pass by at that moment?

Also the scene with the woman talking about Fourier transforms, which was dumb technobabble. A bit like having doctors describe what a blood type is to each other in really basic terms. That knowledge is a given an any technical discussion.