Diablo III

OK, I’m in the community not the clan

One fun thing that happened recently is I got my first ancient puzzle ring. I wonder what a primal puzzle ring would be like.

Is the ancient version different?

The ancient version had a lot more goblins than the regular run. Apparently this is a new 2.6.5 thing.

Huh, fun.

I ran into one of those mega goblin spawns in a t12 rift. That was amazing.

Also, remember to wear your broken crown to whimsydale! Man, that’s a lot better than it used to be.

I’d forgot about whimseydale until I ended up in there recently. Good thing my daughter wasn’t in the room.

My kid doesn’t believe it exists. I was there once and told him about it and because he has never been there nor have i since then, he insists i was on something and imagined it all.

Mega goblins are great.

I did multiplayer for the first time last night. We started off doing Nephalem Rifts. One of them was populated with Chubby Unicorns, Care Bears, and Flowers.

We switched to Greater Rifts and I finally got an Ancient Legendary to activate the seasonal bonus. Previously I was stuck at wall around GR18/19. I even got a second Ancient. It was 2am by that time so I didn’t have any time to see how far I can push GR. Looking forward to it tonight.

Any tips to extend the battery life playing on Switch? I started up a Demon Hunter and plowing through rifts I got maybe 2.5 hours before needing to charge which is… less than ideal. Turning off wifi unless I’m making a new session, maybe?

Speaking of that Demon Hunter, it’s been so long since I’ve leveled one I forgot how slow early levels can be. Around 25 I started getting some good drops, then rolled through picking up Cluster Arrow, Sentries and switching out Fan of Knives… suddenly, screens melted.

Ever since they made everything in the game auto-level the new character progression has been a rocky mountain. You’ll be annihilating everything, then gain a few levels and suddenly it’s all so slow. Then finally you get a new high tier drop and everything blows up again for a while. There were periods while leveling a seasonal character where I dreaded another levelup because I hadn’t received gear yet that compensated for the last one.

Yea, things really speed up once you get your first ancient.

I did however hit a wall at around GR55, I was lacking 2 ancients to have one in each slot, but that wasn’t enough of a damage boost to let me do a GR60.

Swapped out into the Marauding set, some reforge and tweaking and I got past GR70.

Should mention though that I had some help going from Paragon 300->600 through some GR85s with a friend which might’ve helped, that and the 3 x level 55-60 gems I had.

Multishot build seems nice, but lacking the bow that also does multishot damage boost I do not think I can push out enough deeps to do GR80 yet. + I die to pretty much everything.

My first Primal Ancient reward was ofcourse… an item for a Necromancer. Since I was playing a DH, I guess that should’ve been expected.

No, there is no extending by lower video quality. Get an Anker battery pack. I like the longer ~6x2.5 form factor but have heard the 3x3!ones are a lot lighter and pack a good few hours.

Thanks, I’ve actually got the non-Switch version of that battery and it’s great but less than ideal when I’m in bed and just want to grind out one more rift… at which point I should probably just go to sleep anyway.

Okay I just double-checked and I am in fact both in the QT3 clan and the QT3 community.

I’m still 2 short on my crusader, and I still need to get ancient drops of the right pieces for the build to really work. I cleared 60, but don’t know that I will get much further. So at the moment I’m farming 55 for gear.

@Adam_B I must have missed it when I checked the community list.

There is no Ravenfly in the community. Different name there?

Popped gr70, with a couple minutes to spare, but it was rough. Primal was worthless for me, but I guess I can socket it, and stick the gem of ease in there and level a character pretty quickly. Now to drop back down some levels and farm.

Lol I’m a dingus, I was not in the community. I blame their goofy-ass social UI.

Seriously. Set Dungeons are the worst idea ever.