Did these guys buy their guns on the Internet?

I’m just joking about the thread crossover… but anyway, in Rucker style:

(KSL News) There’s just been a shooting at the Trolley Square mall.
Multiple gun shots have been fired inside the mall and outside in the parking garage.
Salt Lake police are at the scene.
Several witnesses heard multiple gunshots.
At least five people are down in various areas of the mall, including the Hard Rock Café, Pottery Barn Kids, and the west garage.
Police believe that the first shooter is dead, but that there is still another shooter on the second floor of the mall.
The mall has been evacuated, but there are still pockets of people who are still inside who are afraid to come out because there might be a second shooter on the second floor of the mall.


I saw it on the news tonight but can’t find any good TV coverage of it out here in the East. Before I came out here I worked two blocks from that mall, I actually spent part of my wedding night at the Tony Roma’s there having dinner with my wife.

It’s worse than I thought: he killed five with a shotgun and wounded a bunch more before the cops killed him. I go to the pub there at least once a week; the helicopters were heard above my house for at least 2 hours afterward. I always thought there were more wackos in this city than elsewhere.