Director John G. Avildsen (Rocky) Has Passed Away

The Oscar-winning director of Joe (1970), Rocky (1976), Karate Kid (1984), and Lean on Me (1989) has passed away.

Also the director of Neighbors, a bizzare 80’s Aykroyd-Belushi comedy where Belushi is the straight guy and Aykroyd the weirdo. I’m probably the only person on earth that remembers that movie.

He has a very usual filmography. He directed The Formula (1980), which was one of only two films Marlon Brando acted in during the 1980s.

I thought Cathy Moriarty was so wonderful in that movie!

I adore that movie with every single fiber of my being. I think it is one of the most uncomfortably funny and amazing movies ever. It is Aykroyd showing off his peak SNL manic coke-freak powers, channeling all his Fred Garvin sheer insanity.

“Lighten up Earl. Just something a guy says.”

“Well I never say it.”

“I don’t blame you!”

Tim Kazurinsky’s turn as the insanely cranky, foul-mouthed tow truck driver is also brillliant, along with Cathy Moriarty’s smoldering Lauren Bacall takes.