DiRT Rally 2.0 - Ain't no ordinary Rally, it's evolved!

Thanks for the heads up. I bought the BMW, The Open Manta, and the Citroen. All for $3.57.

Those aren’t part of the season pass?

They are, but Sweden is part of the season pass, so if I buy the season pass, Sweden will start showing up in the career mode as one of the locations, which I definitely do not want.

Having broken down and gotten the Deluxe edition just now, I can tell you that the season pass appears in your library as all the individual DLC’s. That is, if you got the season pass, you could just not install the Sweden DLC but keep everything else.

Heh, well, I’m already in too deep to switch over my method now:

$2 Skoda Fabia
$2 Subaru Impreza 2007
$3.57 BMW, Opel Manta, Citroen
$3 Monte Carlo
$4 Germany

$14.50+ already, and will still buy the $4 Wales. So in the end I’ll pay $18.50+, so the new on sale $17.99 deluxe upgrade would have been cheaper for me.

It’s a shame Steam hasn’t got that formatted as one of their bundles that would discount for the ones you already own. Would be nice if they just always did that.

God, I had a good time this morning barreling across the German tracks with wild abandon in the BMW. I wouldn’t want to drive this car on any of the gravel tracks, but on the asphalt of the German tracks, it’s a great car. I finished the Weekly challenge, some tracks I really messed up, some I aced.

I love that the German rally feels just different enough. The physics feel just a bit more realistic somehow, I feel even more of a panic trying to brake early enough in the downhill sections before a turn, that sort of thing. The tracks themselves look slightly different in many spots. The designers are a bit cheeky with their smoke. Oh look, there’s smoke up ahead, I should watch out. Oh, no, it turns out that’s a barbecue, someone’s having a picnic. Oh no, more smoke up ahead! No, it’s just smoke coming out of that cabin. I guess they’re burning wood in there.

This game seems much harder than its predecessor. I can barely control anything beyond the starter car, at least with a controller. At this point the frustration is outweighing the fun by a fair bit. I did not have this problem with the original, where the learning curve was steep but satisfying.

All they need to do is give us the option to stay at Clubman difficulty. On Clubman, I was always fighting to get into first place on any given leg if I was driving well, even in a rear wheel drive car.

I mean, that was me in Dirt Rally 1. In 2? I end up 26th in Open if I dare venture out of H1. And that’s driving a clean race, mind.

What car were you using? Maybe it’s something completely uncontrollable like the Porsche 911? At Clubman, the Porsche was completely uncontrollable for me, coming in pretty far behind the pack. But with the Alpine at H2RWD, I was always fighting for first.

I’ve been using the Alpine. The Alpine and I got along so well in the first game, but I can barely handle it in this one. I can’t figure out why. Even weirder, I feel like I was doing better with it when I first started using it, I swear I’m getting worse instead of better.

Try using the Porsche for a go around the various tracks. Maybe I did so well with the Alpine because it was so much more controllable than the Porsche.

With the Porsche, I considered it a win if I ever ended up in anything but last place in a race. This was on Clubman. I found that to be an excellent and exciting metric.

Hey @Rock8man, are you interested in picking one race setup in time trial and having a little leader board chase? I’m looking for a reason to get back into this and play some races here and there. You can pick any race track / condition setup you’d like.

Sure. Do you own the DLC tracks? How about the DLC cars? Just want to know what we have in common. If the answer to both is no, then I know what to pick from.

I don’t currently have any DLC, but I can be persuaded while the season pass is on sale :-)

Check it out, they’re running a Daily Challenge promo today, run a Swedish track in the snow for free!

And check out my results. I’ve never had a Daily Challenge result in the last Tier before, let alone in the bottom half of Tier 4.

I’m soooooooooooo glad I don’t own Sweden. Despite the theory above that I’ll be able to “uninstall it”, but clearly I had it installed by the game already even though I don’t own it. So I wouldn’t want to risk actually owning Sweden. God, I hated this track so much.

Alright, Time Trial time!

Let’s restrict ourselves only to the long tracks, that way there’s less choices.

I started with the easiest one, New England, the first track available on there (North Fork Pass). The Dry version of that track this time. In a Group A car, in my case a Subaru 1995 Impreza.

Here’s my first run.

OK, maybe my abilities are better suited to an arcade racer like Forza Horizon :-)

It took many tries just to get my dented husk of a car over the finish line and I finished 1 minute 35 seconds behind you, with 24 seconds in penalties. I do OK in the first section, sometimes getting ahead of you. I sometimes hold the lead past the first hairpin turn around the hay - but then your clean driving leaves me in the dust. I’ve only used some slow car in my career mode, so this car was faster than I am used to. I will try and see if I can get a time that is more competitive with yours, but for now I’m pretty sure your lead is safe :-)

Edit: Cut my time to 7:52 with 15 second penalty. Still way slower than you.

Edit: Got it to 7:12 without any penalty. Now I’m trailing you by around 30 seconds. Still far behind, but not as terrible!

Came back to this, getting along with it a bit better, but really annoyed with the “purchase car” function right now. I was test driving vehicles to try to decide on my preferred H3 class car, came to a conclusion, but then when I went to buy it it had disappeared from the available cars for purchase. What’s up with that? Apparently I have to wait 8 hours for a new batch and hope it’s in there? WTF?

Is there no way to just buy the car you want?