Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG


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The art style hits me right in the wallet! Think I might pick it up day 1.

This blog post on Steam talks about the massive size of the game.

How long is a colossal game? Well, it takes 60+ hours of continuous playtime to finish Disco Elysium if you’re a reasonably completionist player, as I am. It takes 90 hours if you’re absolutely savouring every detail. And 30 hours if you’re rushing it. Back-of-the-box, I would put playtime at: 60+ hours.

Well that looks right up my alley.

That looks quite awesome.

So an RPG that focuses on conversation rather than combat? That sounds like just the thing!

Any game that takes two names of Pet Shop Boys albums and mashes them together has got to be worth checking out.

This wasn’t on my radar at all but man, it looks great!

Been waiting for this for ages. Might have to actually buy a game at release for once.

I’ve also been waiting quite a while for this.
Usually, I’m not really one for walls-of-text games, but this just seems so quirky I might like it.

No thanks. Glorifies drugs.

Happy to see a thread for this. Polygon interviewed one of the game’s creators as part of a feature on games that take over a decade plus effort to realize. Disco Elysium began development as a pen and paper role playing rule set 14 years before shifting to a video game 5 years ago. According to their latest dev post on the game’s official site, the game will be massive, taking the average player around 60 hours to complete. There’s no distinction made between side and main quests either, so they’re certainly asking players to commit to the long-haul.

Excellent. Bit sick of 2-3 hour games asking for the full “entry price”.

Fairly old preview here, but very interesting:

A definite buy for me.

What games are those?

Yeah if that is a year ago, this thing is gonna be super polished!

Way too many to list, honestly.
Most known examples are probably almost all walking simulators (over in 2-3 hours, while being sold for 20€+), but very short playtimes are also a flaw of some other games.
It’s usually an indie problem, but not only.

I wish games were shorter. I love when a game does its thing and gets the hell over with, like a good punk song.

At first the title was a turnoff. But now, I’m interested.

Same. My biggest concern about this game is that, being that long, I’m most likely never going to finish it. I love it when a game is a tight, solid 6-8 hours.

If you don’t have enough time for your hobbies, then maybe you need to make more time or get another hobby?

Yes, that’s it, the problem must be me.