Disco Elysium (2019) - Detective RPG

Yes on both counts. But your acuity, even with the tab key, is highly affected by your attributes, especially perception.

This is an alternate world, kind of quasi-50s, many years after a failed world revolution. Lots of political extremists about. But disco was a thing in the past. The opening moments of the story have you finding out that you were blasting disco music while on your bender the night before, and a younger woman commenting that she was a kid when the song was popular.

I would agree. Usually in a computer game, even moderate text is kind of cringey, and I have to tell myself to make allowances for game text. But not here, everything I’ve read to this point I’d be fine with if I were reading a book, a well-written book… But I understand that some gamers do not like to read books, or do not want anything book-like in their games. And for those people, I guess this is not going to be their thing. Because no matter how great the artwork here, you really have to read and think about what you have read.

This seems more than a little condescending considering the concerns/criticisms thus far have not been, “ew, writing,” but rather, “this writing is not as good as I generally like my writing to be.”

When there’s this much reading the writing is just not going to land for some people and then the game is going to be positively crammed with stuff they’re not engaging with. I don’t think it’s a “Marmite” love/hate thing because I feel the writing quality is enough to touch a range of people, but it will leave some behind.

It’s working for me - an event in game just made me really sad and I’m an cynical emotionless husk. I was surprised and delighted while I grasped the pain in my heart like I actually was the character in the game.

Also, the game has dropped all its Steam trading cards for me now and almost all of them have been “The Madman.” I’m beginning to feel personally attacked.

Any game that allows me to kick a mailbox and tell it to go fuck itself is doing alright in my book.

You cad! I was very supportive of the mailbox!

wait a second

(flips open Becoming’s book)

that’s all that’s in here!

My book is episodic. I have volumes of insults for every day objects, but it’s a slow process of passion.

Quick followup - it runs on a Surface Pro 3 but I had to lower all of the graphics options to the lowest. Which, due to the way they made the game, doesn’t seem to matter much! I haven’t tried at the full resolution of the screen but it seems really workable.

I cringed a little at the initial writing as you come back to consciousness but since then it has been fine to good. I haven’t gotten very far but I see no reason to fear.

The quest for the second shoe seems to be bugged. The first time I did it I got a notice that I finished the quest. The second time I had an animation of putting on the second shoe but there was no indication in my inventory, journal, or on screen text that I had completed the pair.

Wow. I ran some tool on my SP5 and it said no way - graphics card was too weak. Perhaps I should take a chance after all…

Is this coming to Google Stadia? That would solve all my problems. Somehow I doubt it, though.

I knew going in that the SP3 integrated graphics were well below the requirements. I’ll try some more tonight and see how it goes but I think you shouldn’t have any issues as long as you are running with lowered settings.

I just asked a shipping container to unlock itself for me and when against all reason it did my partner let out a “oh, c’mon!” Love the game so far.

I’m still loving the game and have just finished day 1, but I am having a hell of a time getting the body down out of the tree - I’ve failed three checks (including ones with 72% and 82% chance of success - rolling 3 both times there). So far I’ve been dumping points into endurance to get this done. Not that this is necessarily bad, but it’s been forcing me to go a specific way.

One thing about this game is that it always seems to be offering various ways to accomplish things. IRL, it would be unimaginable to just leave a murder victim hanging there while detectives go do general exploration. But in this game, you might find that other opportunities present themselves.

I’ve been really burned out on games recently, and I found myself actually excited to play this. So I just bought it, despite reading relatively little about it. I’m trying to decide whether I want to go in knowing nothing or read up on skills and such first.

Knowing nothing is always the best way!

I use this way of thinking in real life!

Still alive in 2019.

I agree.

Also, how accurate are the minimum system requirements? Specifically, the processor is stated as i5-7500 or equivalent. I downloaded some tool that says I’m good to go, but I only have an i5-2320; the others specs are at the recommended level though.

Not a game that really requires reading up on, other than perhaps (barely spoilers):

  1. The Volition skill (part of the Psyche tree) gives you your morale, and the Endurance skill (part of the Endurance Tree) gives you your physical hit points. So if you have either extremely low, it can lead to unexpected “game overs.”
  2. Lots of ways to accomplish most anything in this game, so don’t obsess endlessly over an apparent dead end. Go explore, pursue other directions.
  3. Set aside the RPG convention that you ought to say everything/ask every question that is suggested as a dialogue option. If something feels out of character or a bad tack to take, don’t do it.

My thoughts on the writing were a bit premature. It is a bit of novel indeed. Although I’m no expert on English literature I’d say they know their stuff am I’m completely liking it. Plus I really adore the backround music and whatever the graphic style is best described. Furthermore: Anybody who despises drugs should by feel adressed as well.

I’m just so glad there are people that make such a game. It’s really not forced or arty. It’s funny, thoughtful and so far works as game wonderfully.

Continuing the saga of playing on below minimum spec hardware.

Intel integrated graphics HD 4400

It runs fine at 1280x720 with all settings turn to the lowest. Some lag when on the main menu screen but nothing apparent in game. Because of the art style it still looks great at that resolution and graphic settings. I have not tried using the surface pen - I would hope it works but right now I’m using a dock with keyboard and mouse.

Map scrolling would really help but oh well.