Discord - Can you have different settings per server?

I was wondering if we are able to have push to talk on one server and voice activated on another? I am asking because one server I joined - when I go to a voice channel it states you have to use Push to Talk.

I only know of the main voice settings and rather use voice activated (most of the time). Do I have to manually change my settings all the time to satisfy whatever a channel is set to?

I did a search and it seems a lot of folks are asking for this feature but no mention if it was ever added.

Far as I am aware user settings are per user, not per server, and that includes audio both in and out.

Settings like push to talk are user based, not server based.

Workaround, use a third-party client and leave that one on for different settings.

I didn’t know that there were third party clients for Discord.

Doing a search there are some saying that your account can be stolen on a third patry app (i suppose some of them) and I guess it is also against the TOS of Discord?

Oh it could be a recent change, my friend used a third party text based discord until recently. I dimly recall he was complaining about it maybe it got stopped

Quarrel - get it? - is the one I’m familiar with. Available from the Microsoft Store. It even runs on Xbox, although I’ve had mixed success using the voice chat features in the background.

That is funny! And a bit sad at the same time.