Discourse weirdness today--no "updated threads badge"


Showing the number of updated watched threads, that is. Talking about the badge that appears on your avatar in the upper right corner. Just started happening today for some reason.


I don’t know if it’s a badge but that little counter that says someone replied directly to you, it’s not working.


Agreed, I’m not seeing those either.


I’m also not seeing those notifications show up in the list of notifications I see when I click on my profile icon.


I’m jealous of people flaunting their reply counter. 😢


Yeah, that’s the one I’m referring to. It also counts the number of watched threads that have had new posts since the last time you checked them.


Its obvious we’re trapped in a two class society and are not part of the priviledged elite.


Works fine for me, homies.

I’m an aristocrat!






Do not ruin that movie for me!



I lost my notification, but I noticed that it was all turned off, and now it needs to be turned on for each browser I’m using.

I use two, so not the biggest deal.


I think notifications are actually different, or at least a different kind of notifications. I turned that off awhile ago. I got emails all day long, like a ton of them.

The thing that’s not working today is that little unobtrusive counter and the links to those messages under the icon in the right hand corner.


Yeah, so now if you want to know if there are more posts in the topics you’re watching, you have to open the individual category like a cave-dweller, sheesh.

I’ve observed this in Android Chrome and now in Firefox on Windows.


Sidekiq wasn’t running, I’m upgrading and rebuilding now.


Okay, it seems like the Watching toggle isn’t working. I toggled this thread to watch as a test.


Should all be fixed now. It was stuck trying to take a backup.


Yeah, I’m getting notifications from earlier in the day right now, so it looks to be fixed.


Yep, all of them showing up now. Brace for it! heh.