Disney Buys LucasFilm

Can’t recall a poop joke. There is the completely random burp joke near the beginning though. Outside shot of the desert, camera pans a little, giant frog-thing eats something small and furry and belches. It was an obvious “hey, this will make the 8 year olds laugh” moment.

Ah, yes, that counts too. Did Jabba belch when he ate the frog thing out of the hooka dish? What about the rancor when he eats the Gamorrean Guard?

Well it sounds like Fox still owns original Star Wars.

Eight movies over 16 years, or maybe even 24, if they release one every two or three years. So first off, you’re ignoring the time value of money. Secondly, you’re ignoring the production cost of the movies which will be expensive. You’re acting like Disney’s half after the theaters take an assumed 50% is all profit but it’s not. You still gotta pay actors, directors, movie staff, CGI teams, etc.

To be fair, it made the (this) 8-year-old laugh. I recall the surprise factor being pretty nice in that scene. I was also too young to think the Ewoks were dumb, the green lightsaber was friggin’ awesome, Luke having real powers was friggin’ awesome, the Emperor was badass, and the speeder bikes were, likewise, awesome. Things were a lot dumber and cutesy back then.

I keep on hearing that the Clone Wars show is good, but that the beginning was rather clunky.

Is there any guide as to how to best get into the show? eg Skip the feature film and then only watch ep X Y Z of the first season and you’ll get to the good stuff or something like that?

I honestly would watch the film (which is really just the first four eps they made for TV tossed together into a movie) so you have the background and then start watching without skipping. Even the Jar Jar eps that are here and there (I’m serious).

There are a couple of duds in there but by and large the quality is high. Anytime Ziro shows up you just have to kind of grit your teeth and get through it. :)

Wait, was that the one with the baby Hutts or or baby Yodas or baby somethings? I paid good money to see that with my kids and I regret it to this day. I’ve heard the series is good, but that movie was not impressive in the least.

Yeah, the movie is pretty bad in spots, especially any scene with Truman Capote the Lispy Hutt. The series ramps up in quality pretty quick.

A couple of highlights in Season 1 (at least for me) if you’re looking for specific episodes that show where the series heads -

Episode 5 “Rookies” - A squad of rookies defends an outpost from invading battle droids.
Episode 11 “Dooku Captured” - Just for the fact it introduces Hondo the space pirate. You’ll recognize his voice.
Episode 16" The Hidden Enemy" - Deals with a traitor among the ranks of the clones.
Episodes 19-21 “Ryloth” - A good set of connected episodes, telling a mini-arc of a battle for a planet.
Episode 22 - “Hostage Crisis” - It has Ziro the Hutt in it, but it also introduces Cad Bane, a bounty hunter, who I happen to enjoy quite a bit as one of the new characters introduced.

Plenty of other high spots. But it’s a series that for the most part doesn’t need to be viewed in order, since it’s all shown out of chronological order anyways, but there are occasional story arcs, and reoccurring characters, lines and jokes that you get much more out of if you do watch them in order, like most shows.

Fox has never owned Star Wars.

They own the distribution rights for the original three movies.

Haha, someone asked QT3 how to save time by skipping media content!

There’s a fart joke. The toad thing by Jabba’s palace.

RotS is better than Jedi. It took me a while to come around on this, but it’s pretty hard to argue otherwise. The lows in Jedi are reeeeeal low.

There a few clunky moments in RotS (the Emperor head first in the office chair comes to mind), but on the whole it’s not bad. Jedi bored me to tears as a kid.

Also, don’t miss Gennedy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars. Short vignettes about the Jedi and clones, plus awesome animation and style.

I would absolutely argue otherwise. I think RotS has higher highs, but the lows are scraping shit off the bottom of the barrel bad. There is nothing in Jedi worse than “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” or “From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!” or Padme dying of a broken heart. Ewoks defeating the Empire seems absolutely sensible in comparison.

George announces that he’s donating most of the $4 billion from the sale to charity. He signed the Gates/Bufffet pledge a while back.

You know what the next star wars needs?

A battle in the Stars. I want something as good as the trench run or end of RotJ. The beginning of Sith almost was cool except for the stupid bots instead of dogfighting.

Hands down best thing from the Cartoons…the Clone Wars mini-series, where General Grievous is actually bad-ass. The chase scene of through Corosaunt was amazing. A close second was the scene where we learn just how badass Sam Jackson’s character was. Mace Windu