Distant Worlds 2: this time, your space spreadsheet has a 3D engine!

I thought we needed this --even know I can occasionally (lets be real - everytime-- leastwaise in the old days though some comments from people lately make me think it hasn’t changed) come under fire for opening a new thread.

I cannot wait for this one!

Before someone posts me or some manager on this forum lets me know that new threads are “rarely” supposed to be given – think on it ‘’ Distant Worlds 2~" Its gonna make Brian have ten weeks of videos!


great. i was going to do this, so thanks for starting it :)

Matrix Forum Q&A here: https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4950023

Other titbits:

  1. The Ackdarian Faction Trailer: https://youtu.be/NywQ7-4pXAI

  2. The initial Galaxy Setup process: https://youtu.be/JcM4Fm6m0R4

  3. The early in-system Pre-warp exploration and economy/resource setup: https://youtu.be/OR3qxYpdN2s

  4. The mid-game example Fleet Battle: https://youtu.be/B_FOmhIYFyk

  5. Zoom-out/Zoom-in with Resource Flow: https://youtu.be/SzjxQ1N6V4o

  6. The full entire stream with no breaks: https://youtu.be/OWD5Btwedys


Well we all know now that @KristiGaines uses Bing. :D

Hah, no, DW2 definitely needed a dedicated thread. Thanks for making it. :)

rhamorim checking in ;)

This is such a strange culture, where anyone should feel shamed for starting a new thread. Good grief.

Bravo! I played so many hours of classic DW but wonder if 1) DW2 will be as good/better and 2) whether or not I’ve changed and the game is still my thing.

Wasn’t the cost of the original very high that it stopped a lot of people trying it in the beginning? I wonder if they will shoot for a lower price point or with the anticipation it will not matter.

I never thought anyone here was against new threads - I do think when someone starts a second thread on the same thing there has been some consternation but that was due to not being able to find the first thread when members searched. IMHO

I rather have someone start a thread then lose a conversation.

my suspicion is, following Gladius/Stellaris/the rest of the world, that it’ll be a mid-price base game with a lot of New Race DLC to generate the $ down the track

With the release of the black box mods for Stardrive 1, it is in my opinion the best of the two, as they are very similar in just about every respect.
Stardrive is just way better looking, and also has a more complex ship design system that is way better than anything DW got.

Unless Distant worlds look a lot better, offers better more complex gameplay, I would recommend looking a lot harder at Stardrive 1, with the mods installed.

Edit : This is Stardrive 1, the second one, Stardrive 2 is more akin to Total War in space, and not very similar.

wasn’t stardrive the game that wasn’t finished? (well from my perspective) i was under the impression it was a MOO clone

It is. I also don’t think it’s deserving of being uttered in the same breath as Distant Worlds, but that’s me.

The second one is more of a MoO clone, the first one is quite a bit more unique, but both games were pretty much unfinished, so faith in this “resurrection” is pretty thin.

Oh it’s not, but space 4X games tend to get lumped together no matter what you do, so…

Stardrive is no MOO clone, it is in my opinion very similar to Distant Worlds, also with the mods, I find nothing that doesn’t work as intended, and I’ve played two VERY large games :) The combat is really fun and exciting for example…

The second one is more of a MoO clone than the first, as I stated. Neither are as good as Distant Worlds though.

The second one is far less ambitious and well, yes its more or less a moo clone…but the first one is a true gem in some ways and its got with the mods that is, way more stuff than Distant Worlds has, tech, combat, planetbuilding, DW got nothing on anything of this.

Yeaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay

Like what? Seriously, what does DW really have?

AHahahha okay and we’re done.