Distant Worlds 2: this time, your space spreadsheet has a 3D engine!

OMG AWESOME! Wow you got me so excited :)

I keep meaning to return to it but Inquisitor and SpaceBourne 2 have me by the short and curlies right now. Very glad to hear it’s improving.

The bit here where Das zooms into the battle at the 5min mark was * galaxy brain exploding ’

Mother of god.

Yeah, I played this on release and wrote it off. This pulled me back in. It’ll be the next thing I play whenever it is I can stop myself from playing more Spellforce.

DLC stream. Mislabeled as MoM, but it is for DW2. Main takeaway for me is $9.99 - which I am happy to pay.

I’ve got a few hours with one of the new races, the Ikkuro, and they match me perfectly, as they wanna be the nice folks of the galaxy. The game seems to have improved SO very much from launch. While it doesn’t have all the options of Universe yet, I feel it’ll get there in short order.

I tend to like races like that too. I’m going to pick this up and see if I can build up some momentum with the game once again. :)

I know you guys say the game is in great shape but I’ve already tried it three times, only to quit.

What happened? I’m four hours into a new playthrough and am having a great time.

I bought this at release, still have not played a minute of it (just been too busy, really)…I have some time off soon, so I will probably jump on the Chick Parabola. I’d love to see a Tomsplainer on it, but I totally understand being unable.

Because of performance issues? Those have mostly improved.

Or because you don’t enjoy the mechanics? Does have mostly stayed the same - beloved by some, hated by others, not so different from DWU.

No performance issues, but lots of annoying weirdness: 2 I can remember right now are tankers doing whatever they felt like and AI/diplomacy being pretty wonky. People declaring wars on me despite being halfway across the galaxy and the like. I will definitely try it again but I’m already 157 hours in and didn’t really enjoy what I had played.

A gentle suggestion to respect your own free time more, play what you get the most enjoyment out of!

Some of the wonkiness you experienced is improved. Other parts of it will always be there, by nature of the game’s core design. There are many QOL improvements, but it is the same core gameplay loop.

My guess is it probably isn’t different enough to matter after 100+ hours that weren’t enjoyed - almost certainly if main complaints were unrelated to performance.

If you have DW2 and Universe you can save a buck by selecting the bundle on the DLC page.

This game is competing with WH40K Inquisitor for my gaming time. I keep going back to DW2 and losing hour after hour. I barely understand what’s going on, and it’s a blast. It kind of reminds me of learning Shadow Empire, a game I ended up loving.

I remember thinking Shadow Empire was the closet a terrestrial 4X has come to that feeling of a meaningful difference between the state and private sector as DWU. In quite a few ways it did it even better - especially the private sector development of industry and other buildings in each zone, with their own budget and labor constraint. I’d like to see something similar in DW2 eventually, although probably via a mod is the most realistic…

That reminds me to go look and see what the status is of the navy work being released.

The DLC for Oceans is out later this month. But it will only feature a civilian merchant marine for transport/logistics, not a militarized navy that the player controls. I think this is for the best, within the narrative of the game and to avoid biting off too much in terms of mechanics - but haven’t played it yet, so just a guess on my part.

I’m absolutely addicted to this game right now, but I’m running into a few issues. One of the biggest is a lack of explanation regarding research. I have no idea what a lot of these do. When I hover over them it explains the cost and other info. But what is the difference between a Penetrating Scanner, and a Imporved Sensors?

Also, I was really getting into a game as the water race. I concentrated on fully building up my system before researching the next level of warp drives. My last game got away from me as I’m still learning. I figured a slower approach would help. BUT I ran out of an essential element (Carbonite) and no source in my system. I was so crippled I couldn’t even research things to help do deeper scans on planets. Is there a way out, or is it game over?

These issues aside, this game is so mesmerizing. I picked up the DLC and now I’m trying the monkey/monk race. These guys are pretty awesome and chill.