Divinity Original Sin 2 just whalloped Pillars of Eternity

Title Divinity Original Sin 2 just whalloped Pillars of Eternity
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When September 7, 2019

The other day I decided it would be pretty awesome to play Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on the big screen, with surround sound, leaning back on the couch..

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I think you can add RGO to Steam as a 3rd party game, and then launch it from there with Big Picture Mode? No?

Yep I tested it with Starsector, so it works!

Holy cats, you’re right! Someone mentioned something along these lines when I previously brought it up, but I thought they were just trolling me. So that means pretty much any game runs over Steam Link…? Mind. Blown.

Also, all my concerns about which platform any game is released on have pretty much evaporated. Let the marketplace continue to fracture!


This article has been obsoleted!

Yep, why would you want to support the store that provided the service that let you do that?

Larian are amazing, always going the extra mile for the customer. I wasn’t planning to buy this on Switch as well but I think they deserve my money.


In that second to last sentence, didn’t you mean until Paradox takes a meeting with Nintendo and Valve (not Larian)?

Not even Patrick Stewart is going to save another project helmed by Alex Kurtzman.

Oops, yes, thanks for much for the correction! It’s not much of a sick burn if it doesn’t make any sense. :)


Keep in mind not every PC release supports gamepad.

Divinity original sin 2’s gamepad support is amazing though.
Not related to the discussion, I know, but I take any chance to let my newfound DivOrSin2 fanboy inside of me out.

It’s fine, I’m sure he’ll play some Steam games in Epic’s client to balance it out. :D