Do-it-yourself screen printing

Hey folks. Made a t-shirt and printed on it today, home-screen-print-stylee! Yeah, don’t know why, thought it would be amusing. Thought my design was amusing too… (it is - but in a really obscure way that only New Zealander’s who’ve watched UK comedy would get - more later)… but while it was good fun, it was also really hard!

I used sticky-backed paper and cutting through the paper and the plastic sticky stuff got extremely tiring on my hand (the one holding the cutting blade obviously!). Also, when it came to getting it all off after wiping paint across my stencil the paper came off the plastic adhesive and led to lots of tedious scraping to get the final bits of sticky stencil off…

I hear from that there’s such stuff as “butcher’s paper”, which has a plasticy backing you can iron straight on to a shirt and then, after painting and drying, just peel right off. Sounds pretty ideal, and also less painful to cut through I’m guessing!

Does anyone know what the hell that sort of paper is? Does it have a ‘commercial’ name that I’m likely to be able to find here in NZ?

Oh, my design, FWIW. The white is white on my black shirt.

All up cost to buy shirt and materials and make was about $20us, so it was kinda pretty amusing thing to do for an evening!

I can’t help with your printing questions, but that’s a very LOL t-shirt :) Nice work.

JOB DONE! The light is a bit yellow, and I’m a bit orange, but you get the idea!

Sweet. Love the work.

I don’t get it.


The stuff I’ve seen has been done with what we call freezer paper or freezer wrap in the US. It’s a waxy-looking-plastic lined paper.

Oh, and nice work.

Raids on Tuhoe separatists in Ruatoki + Dads Army

Most Kiwi’s are supportive of the Police and their response, even if the eventual outcome is slightly underwhelming. The alleged “terrorists” (they’re still getting called that) are generally seen as a joke, but I still wouldn’t wear Calistas’ t-shirt near Gisborne :)

I notice the years got cut. Wasn’t that part of the joke?

4 guns and 230 rounds? I’m a filthy 'Merkan so that sounds like, y’know, a half hour trip to the shooting range. Is it enough to completely topple the Kiwi government? Were there a trained cadre of wombats or something that came along with the guns?

Good work Kryten on the links!

Well, no years because my hands were aching and it looked very fiddly to get right! All those fine gaps between the numbers become a buggerance to get off your final screen print.

And after having stared at it so much I wasn’t sure the joke was less funny with out the numbers. Might be a bit ‘clearer’ perhaps. I dunno :) - sore hand won that argument…

and… ARRGG! You can do it with freezer/wax/baking paper? I’d heard it wasn’t as “good” as “butcher’s paper”, which I’m not sure exists here. That would have been hella-easier to cut through!

Oh well, I think the slightly funky look of a few of my stencil edges may enhance the overall feel… at least that’s how I feel.

Now, go out and make your own!

As for the terrorist chaps: Sure, they were complete f’ing morons. But they were morons with guns and from what I know and have heard from police, a whole lot of intent to use them for naughty things. That’s what set them apart.

edit: Oh, they were making basic fuel bombs, practicing vehicle ambushes and other stuff too. I’m sad our laws were so blind-sided by this ‘domestic terrorism training’ that no decent convictions have been made.

edit2: From that Wikipedia link “The owner of Christchurch gun dealer Gun City, which supplied about 5% of the group’s weapons, said much of the weaponry seized was hardly capable of use in a terrorist attack, and claimed the media sensationalised the events” - WTF? What sort of gun do you need to be a ‘terrorist’. I don’t think an AK-47 is absolutely required. Sure, it looks good on your revolutionary flag, but I believe that gun dealer to be a retard, sheesh.

I don’t think wax paper or baking parchment will work. The plastic lining of the freezer wrap melts to the T-shirt and holds the stencil in place.

Ahh, freezer wrap must be the same as butcher’s paper. I shall keep an eye out for an NZ equivalent. Mind you, how many t-shirts does a guy really need?

I do really like the idea of making my own stuff though. has so many neato tutorials it becomes a little addictive to look at what one might tackle.

I really want to make the sort of stuff that ends up - but those beautiful steampunk items require a fair degree of skill!

Calistas has kinda covered this off and without wanting to go all P&R on his thread, that quantity of weaponry and ammunition pretty much qualifies as an arsenal in this country. We just do not have a gun culture here.

(also, Wombats are Australian. We have Orcs).