Do We Need Rock Band 2 This Year?

News is leaking about Guitar Hero 4 and other instruments. People want changes in the game that may be better suited to a new version.

OTOH there’s more than an RB2’s worth of songs available for download and more comes out each week. We got the in game store with an update. Even non-online versions are getting some love with the song volumes.

Vote and discuss, I would know the will of the hivemind.

Public results to encourage discussion.

Why do we need Rock Band 2 ever? They’ve set up a DLC model that completely negates the need for another full title.

EDIT: Unless there’s some technological reason why they can’t add a Keytar as a separate thing to this version.

Yes, we do. Because I haven’t bought RB1 yet and I don’t want to get buyers remorse when I do and RB2 comes out 3 months later.

It’s a loaded question. We don’t need RB2 since RB1 can be patched with all the functionality that I would want for a very long time. Having said that if RB2 came out with some cool modes, songs, & features then I’ll bite.

I’m done with new instruments for a while though.

Rock Band could do just fine as a series of expansions and DLC offerings. All I know is that Rock Band 2 better be able to play RB1 DLC or I’m going to pass on it. Bad enough you’re losing 50 songs from the RB1 disc.

Shitbonerz for me. I could never justify buying RB in the first place. I’m in a real band so it (or guitar hero for that matter) doesn’t really hold my interest. I know that discussion has been held here Ad Nauseum. I’m no hater, I can see the appeal. The whole genre brings a lot of casual gamers into the gaming fold and the more the merrier and all that.

If they can keep raking in the cash, good for them.

A Rock Band 2 that supports everything I have (peripherals and songs downloaded) would be a sure purchase, even if it doesn’t add anything drastically different like new instruments (assuming it’s still got a full set list of new songs).

I’m in this camp.

I remember reading somewhere that Harmonix viewed Rock Band not as a game, but as a platform. The way the math works DLC is much more lucrative: if they sell a game disc for $60 with 60 songs, it’s $1/song, and they’re getting ~$2/song through DLC. Never mind the COGS and retailer margin demands they have to pay for with physical goods.

As long as they keep pumping out DLC at the rate they have been, there won’t be a need for a Rock Band 2 for some time. At some point, I guess they’ll need to refresh the instrument (add the keytar everyone is so hung up on, I guess), and that will likely require a redesign of the UI, which will necessitate a whole new SKU. But if they’re smart – and the Harmonix guys are smart – they won’t require users to repurchase the hardware.

I wonder how much power Harmonix has in the decision. A lot, I’m sure but they’re still beholden to a publisher. Actually, that brings up an interesting question: As EA is the distributer and not the publisher, how much (if anything) are they making off the DLC? It it’s not much, EA may be pushing for a RB2, even if Harmonix would be content to just support the original. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harmonix’s contract with EA dictates yearly updates.

I’m of a mind that DLC doesn’t cause the retail hysteria that corporate America is so keen on. If they time a release of “new and improved” with the holidays and can create/build on the buzz, that’s good for them. DLC is only good to the people who have the platform, and if they want RB to be the next platform they’ll need a larger base from whom to make DLC money.

Aye, I recall reading the same thing. I don’t anticipate a sequel any time soon.

There are numerous threads on the RB forums detailing what kind of upgrades/fixes/enhancements we’d like to see. Activision seemingly will incorporate many of them into GH4. (Meaning Activision is listening to RB fans and HMX is not. Ok, maybe they’re just too damn SLOW.)

Anyway. FIX RB1 and give me awesome DLC!! RB2 in 2009!

I voted for the “No thanks, I’m fine for now” option, but I wouldn’t mind buying a Rock Band 2 either.

Why not? Because one of the things I did in the Guitar Hero games and Rock Band, is to get exposed to new songs that I didn’t even know would be so much fun to play. Sometimes I’ve heard of the song, but didn’t like it that much but was really surprised at how much I like it in the game. Other times I’ve never even heard of the song.

So when DLC comes along, I’ve tried to keep doing this, by watching videos by Sluggo or others, so that I get exposed to new songs, or songs that I’m familiar with but might view in a new light. But inevitably, I end up buying mostly songs I’m familiar with, because I know they’ll be a success when I play with friends. I end up not really experimenting into new areas as much as when a group of songs comes down the pike in a full GH/RB release. So in that way, I’m sure they’ll choose some really good songs for RB2, so if they released a full sequel that uses the same instruments and is compatible with Rock Band DLC, I would definitely buy it in a second.

I voted RB2 because I really want world tour mode ONLINE!!! My guess is that is something that won’t be patched into RB1.

I’d much prefer regular expansions that simply mesh with the existing game over a full sequel. That way new upgrades can be patched in without requiring massive downloads and users get to keep their full existing song lists. I have over 100 songs in my RB playlist at this point and have no interest in starting over on a new game. But I’ll gladly pay $59.99 for a new set of 60 songs on a disc plus improvements.

It’s supposed to be “a platform.” I don’t really have any interest in buying a new platform for awhile (even though I have yet to buy this platform).

Hmm. Come to think of it, a newer platform would mean that stores would clear out the old platform at fire sale prices. Maybe I need to rethink my vote.

I’d rather be able to purchase RB1 at a decent price point before I have to think about RB2 appearing at £1000 (or whatever exorbitant price they’ll set it)! :D

Shirt bonerz = RB1 still not available here (AU). Maybe they could just skip that and give us RB2, with new and improved instruments. Yeah, I could live with that.

Me too.

What Rock Band needs are (1) better instruments (2) better online band support (3) some UI tweaks. Doing that via some sort of add-on without breaking compatibility with existing DLC would be my hope.