Do you bicycle? A cycling thread I guess

There’s truth in this. Although Campy Chorus would be my choice for all-time greatest :)

So with a great deal of assistance from a coworker of mine who is a heavy-duty cyclist, I settled on a BH Prisma 105. It’s normally $2,300, but I got it at a $1,000 discount as the shop was clearing out stock for new models. I tried a few others (the Giant Defy 1 and Felt F75) but this one just felt right. And now comes the best part–picking out a cool looking jersey.

Very nice! That is a good price for a 105 groupset bike. I recommend you sign up for a local event ride, which will give you a goal and motivate you to get out.

As a commuter, one thing I’ve never understood is the spandex. Is it just about reducing drag?

Not so much the drag, but that the shorts have a chamois sewn in to make longer rides bearable. Once you start going over 30 km of distance then it’s really handy to have that extra little piece of padding.

Wisdomchild, true but drag is the ENEMY of road cycling. Even a loose fitting shirt flaps in the wind, causing drag, hence the tights…

I also shave my legs. Too much information?

True, but the drag is only really noticeable at racing speed. Not your basic commute around town or training ride. In fact, it’s great for a training ride, 'cause when you ride for real with the spandex then you’ll really feel fast!

Seriously though, I’ve loved bikes and riding bikes ever since I was a little kid. I even spent a year after college working in a bike shop as a mechanic, which was a fantastic learning experience. Shaved legs don’t phase me at all :)

…although I’d argue that shaving your legs for the sake of aerodynamics isn’t really the best of excuses to do it. I prefer the road rash excuse myself :)

Nah, I do drag. The flapping in the wind bit (especially with my long hair) is one of my favorite feelings at high speed, actually.

The butt pads I understand & would definitely use under my normal pants if I did another long trip.

I thought it was more to prevent chafing?

Spandex has many useful properties! In the end, it comes down to comfort. Over long distances, you’ll be more comfortable in a pair of bib shorts (which I prefer to regular cycling shorts) and a cycling jersey. The jersey has the extra benefit of all those handy pockets to carry your spare kit. I’d say, though, that the most important factor as far as on-bike comfort is concerned is bike fit. If you aren’t fitted well to your bike, no clothing choice is going to fix that.

Yes the bib shorts. Guys in my group keep recommending them but I haven’t got a pair yet. I’ve been looking on amazon as there are some with reasonable prices, just not sure which ones to get (local bikes shops are $250).

For the record, it does seem you get what you pay for. I have a few pairs of bibs. They all look pretty similar, but the $200 ones I got when I bought the bike are far more comfy than the $50 others I have acquired over time. Not so much of a drama over 30km, but if you like to ride longer distances, your rear will thank you.

I’m really starting to hate my heavy hybrid commuter bike. Bah. The handlebars are creaking something fierce (and I’m almost sure they’re the cause). Took them apart and cleaned & greased everything and still no go. Really annoying.

Did you take apart the headset bearings? If the bearings are in decent shape then yeah, the fork is likely creaking on its own. If there are any balls missing or they are rusty you might be able to solve part of the problem by replacing the bearings.

Or, use it as a justification for one of those new fancy commuter bikes (Specialized makes some nice ones).

I haven’t done the headset bearings. Been avoiding it since it seems like a pain in the ass.

If I replace it with anything it will be a used road bike, but the used market here really sucks. As far as I can tell people want $300+ for things I see in other cities for $100-$200. Really annoying.

I just spent $200 getting my '95 Klein Adroit back in streetworthy condition. It’s moving to biking w/ the kids instead of thrashing singletrack. Cost me nearly three grand w/ custom parts back in the day. New slicks, replaced the clipless pedals w/ standard metal, new seat post since the old one cracked… Now hopefully I’ll ride it!

Nice dude, that’s a rad bike. Klein put out some cool stuff (and some awesome paint jobs!)

I sold my MTB long ago to get into road biking, but I really love older MTBs and started getting that itch again. So a few months ago I picked up a '99 Schwinn Homegrown Pro in Bass Boat blue and fixed it up nice instead of getting a new one. It was something I’d always drool over but couldn’t afford when I was a kid hanging around the bike shop, and now it’s mine :)

Very cool. That Homegrown was a sweet ride. Nice specs when it was released in '99.

The Adroit’s color is ‘Painted Desert’ and my pic doesn’t do it justice. It still looks great. I have a little dent in the top tube from a Vermont downhill trip in the late 90’s, but I consider it a battle scar. Luckily the actual scars that accompanied the dent have healed. :)

FWIW, I’d never go with a specific bike for hybrid commute. You’ll do far better with a mountain bike with hybrid tires, simply because there’s such a larger market.

Yeah I really regret buying a hybrid bike now. It’s a piece of crap. I sold my mountain bike to my girlfriend’s brother and he put road-ish tires on it and I’m a little jealous now. Wishing I had kept it.