Do you lose your Xbox One games if your account gets banned?

Title Do you lose your Xbox One games if your account gets banned?
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When June 17, 2013

Since all of your Xbox One game licenses are tied to your account, what happens if you get banned from your account as part of a disciplinary action? Losing multiplayer access is punishment enough, but losing access to all the games tied to your account would be a b

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We really won't know how this will be handled till it does. But like I said in the forum it's sounds like the same as Steam whereas if your Steam account was banned you'll lose access to all your games on that account. It's definitely an extreme case which has rarely happened if at all. Time will only tell how MS will handle this.

Whatever the case may be MS needs to all get on the same playbook as everybody there seems to be saying something different each time.

Why is it that every last damn question about DRM takes MS employees by surprise? How do you separate the decision to force a DRM scheme onto an entire class of console users from knowledge of the actual DRM policies that will be implemented?

You won't need to be banned to lose access to everything once they switch off the servers — be it in 10 years, 15 years or whatever the case may be.

I should be able to expect that, sure. But I should also be able to expect that my games will function offline and that I own them and can resell or loan them as I see fit. Since Microsoft has instead decided that they are in control of the games I buy, it's not exactly much of a stretch to suggest that they might choose to exercise that control in a way that deprives me of my games.

Strictly from the 'consoles as game machines' standpoint, who needs this?

The only way to get a steam account banned is to scam people or to perform a chargeback.

There are tons of ways to get an xbox account banned, including playing games early, "cheating" in singleplayer games, modding your console in any way, or just swearing or otherwise offending people.

Xbox account bans happen all the time.

I believe that on Steam if you get an account ban you also lose access to your entire game library, but I will really be surprised if it works any different on Xbone.

Right, and currently if you get banned on 360 you do lose your digital library. Major Nelson's answer makes it sounds like he doesn't even know their current policy if he doesn't understand the anxiety surrounding the issue.

If you're banend from steam, can't you just unplug your connection and log into offline mode and play whatever's installed?