Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker, Thirteenth Doctor

The wife and I first watched for Tennant. We both thouroughly enjoyed it. When he became Matt Smith we gave up on it.

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It’s such a fun, silly show and even when it’s super stupid, which it often is, it’s still enjoyable.

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Short, but funny. That would have been a great Muppet show to attend.

All you people hating on Matt Smith make me sad. Muppet clips help cheer me back up though.

Agreed. I’ve enjoyed them all.

Isn’t that like… every Doctor?

Granted, to some extent. Eccleston wasn’t very pixie-like. Nor Pertwee or Colin Baker. But I digress.

But that “whimsical wafting through the coffeeshop granting wishes” trailer is a bit scary.

Completely agree.

Having been rewatching bits and pieces of the old Doctor Who series as they’ve been streaming it for weeks on twitch now, I pity the people who didn’t watch the show when it was much better.

I agree that one of the strengths of the new show has been the casting of the Doctor - I also prefer Eccleston and Capaldi the most, but I also liked Tennant a lot, and Smith only slightly less - but only Tennant got a run of regularly decent+ stories. I really can’t believe how poorly Moffat’s run turned out given how great his stories were under Russell Davies’s run.

I’ve finally given up on the show until the next reboot though. I couldn’t even be bothered to catch all of the Capaldi episodes, even though I really liked him as the Doc. The show has just evolved into something with no dramatic tension or coherent storywriting, and changing the Doc into a woman just seems like a desperate gimmick (I’d be completely fine with a show with Romana or Susan as the timelord lead though). That said, they did a good job with Missy/the Master, so it’ll all come down to the writing and I’ll wait for the reactions.

I always wished they’d given Romana a spinoff.

Agreed. Funny thing is, my favorite Capaldi episode was Heaven Sent, written by Moffat. Of course, it included the least dialogue and banter, more just letting Capaldi be awesome. Perhaps it’s the interpersonal/conversational stuff which Moffat struggled with.

The only seasons I really couldn’t connect with were the ones with Matt Smith. I didn’t like Amy and Rory and couldn’t get over the way the Monster of the Week was presented (e.g. the weeping angels evolved from “Don’t blink” to “Don’t look away for too long”). I guess one of the problems in comparison to the older Doctors is that the Doctor became more and more important and essential for the whole universe whereas in the older episodes he was just this guy in his box flying around and helping out. So the Doctor stands in front of an enemy armed to the teeth and can just say: “Look me up in your data base” and everyone stands back.
Another observation: I always thought that the fans were rather relaxed about the next Doctor being a woman. Yesterday I stumbled over the preorder for the next series’ dvd on amazon and saw all that one star ratings because of the Doctors gender. Rather dissappointing that the fans of a series that is about openness, broad mindedness and kindness react in such a way.

Well, we have a trailer…although not any longer than the teaser…

And we see her new sonic screwdriver! I dislike it!

They’re not making much progress toward topping the sonic sunglasses! 😎

That’s very…colorful.

Probably to appeal more to a younger female audience.

They need to very carefully rethink that design.

It goes with her bathrobe.

Smith had the best screwdriver.

I don’t mind this one, but it’s nothing special.