Doctor Who plot twist (spoiler alert?)

From this week’s e-gossip newsletter Popbitch:

“Dr Who fans are in froth on the internet about a big twist in the series. Each episode has contained references to Bad Wolf - graffiti, posters etc which, they say, will turn out to be the name of a reality TV show that the Doctor, in Truman Show style, doesn’t know he’s been starring in all series.”

I totally didn’t look at Gary’s post, but I wanted to say a very sincere “thank you” for putting the spoiler tag in the header.

That sounds completely stupid.

— Alan

How would that be out of whack with the rest of the season so far?

Sounds wrong to me. It’s possible, but to what end?

Could be that the Doctor is being punk’d by some kind of TV time show, maybe…

Gary Whitta, you have no heart!

It’s pretty much confirmed that the Doctor and companions will be trapped in a few reality shows resurrected a century or so after The Long Game, but I think that’s just for episode 12 and not an implication that the entire series is such.

But then, Popbitch sometimes isn’t all that more accurate than Ain’t It Cool News when it comes to accurate entertainment news.

Some of the rumors for previous episodes have been 90% wrong, including a claim that the Slitheen from Aliens of London would reveal their true appearence every time they lied and that Christian Slater would be in the pilot.

The BBC has updated their website.

For those who’ve missed the “bad wolf” references so far, check out the clues section. There’s also a list of theories available as well. Finally, make sure you go to the disclaimer page and highlight all the text, there’s some hidden text at the end.

I kind of like how television shows are starting to use websites to enhance the viewer’s experience. The BBC has been doing updates to Clive / Mickey’s conspiracy site as well as updates to the UNIT site (complete with new passwords that access some new additions). And of course Van Statten’s GEOCOMTEX.

Next Week: The Doctor and team visit the planet Lafftrak, from LEXX Series 2 and hopes you haven’t seen the episode already!