Does anyone have experience with the Lexus IS350 or the Infiniti G35?

My SUV is nearing the end of its lifetime and I’m thinking about going with a 4-door sports sedan this time around. And I won’t buy a German car, too expesive to fix.

EDIT: Woops, it’s the IS250.

About a half-dozen of the veterinarians at my wife’s work all drive G35’s and really like them. The only person I’ve ever met with an IS250 called it “like a really nice rice rocket.”

Both are awesome. The Lexus is smaller and slower.


Roger: what you posted there is the G35 coupe; it sounds like Rick is talking the Sedan which is a pretty different thing.

smacks forehead

will fix.

BTW, while both the lexus and the infiniti have heated front seats, only the lexus will blow air up your sweaty ass on hot days. The seats in the lexus have vent holes in them not unlike herman miller aeron chairs.

The stock speakers in the g35 are pretty awesome. You can crank them up really loud (enough to wake the drunk girls in the backseat and get them dancing) without distortion, and you can hear the middles without muddiness.

I’d go for the G35 myself… No reason why other than I just like it better.

I own a 2004 G35, and I love it.

Cool. I’ve been a Nissan fan since high school, so it looks like the G35 gets the first test drive. I’ve been thinking the premium makes because I hear they have better sound insulation, and my hearing’s getting bad when there’s a lot of ambient noise.

But I’ve got to say I like the idea of air conditioned seats. The wife’s Lincoln had those.

Friend has a G35. It’s a great, “I have some money, but not too much,” car.

One more vote for the G35. I’m not one to get too excited about the looks of new cars, but the G35 was one neat design. Nissan got the proportions just right, especially on the coupe. The Nissan V6 is a pretty sweet engine, too, while a lot of guys rave about the driving feel.

As for the IS250, Toyota tried to make a 3-series fighter, but -as it always does- stopped short of making something truly sporty. Mind you, it’s not a bad car by most measures, but it’s less focused than others in its class.

I picked up a new G35s sedan last month. It’s awesome, though it has issues on ice and snow.

I’ve not been in the Lexus IS 250 so I can’t comment directly, but the Lexus LS400 is the absolute quietest car I’ve ever been in. Lexus sound and vibration proofing is very impressive on that model. I don’t know if it trickles down to the IS series, though.

bah it’s just an overpriced Toyota and Nissan. Get an Audi.

And all the money you save can be used for future repairs!

no joke

Isn’t that just an overpriced Volkswagen? ; )

no, that’s a bmw

Speaking of which, I wonder what Phaetons are selling for these days…

“Wow! I didn’t know Passats were so huge!”

Err…Audis are Volkswagens. Volkswagens are Audis.

Get a G35, because it’s actually the Skyline!!!45
(I have one, and I really like it. 4 years now, front brake wore out faster than normal, but otherwise no problems)