Does anyone know anything about VST plugins?

I have 2 folders, vstplugins32 and vstplugins64. 32 is in prog files and 64 is in prog files x86

Do I even need 2 folders or can I put them all in one vstplugins folder? If so, where would that go?

Can I leave the dll in the original folder and Reaper will automatically look in the ‘subfolders’?

Rather basic questions I know. Thanks for any help.

Using only one folder or 2 depends on the VST and the DAW that you’re using. I’d probably leave them where they are now.

Reaper scans all subfolders in the folders listed as VST folders in its configuration. I know because I have mine organized in subfolders and it finds them all.

Wow that was quick. Thanks for the help.

Sure thing! And in case you want to show us what you make, you can do that too in threads like this one:


Ah. I have to do a demo for this country song I wrote a long time ago. Apparently they want to do a music library thing of traditional country.

The only other thing I’ll say is that it is absolutely bonkers how much free vst stuff there is. I have like 25 synths, 50 effects, drum machines etc etc and it took about 30 minutes to get them all, for free.

Now, of course, I have to listen to every preset. See you in about 6 months. :)

Heh. I know, right? I wish I had the time to explore everything I got myself and make some real music, but it’s been difficult to say the least.

Well, anyway, I wish you well on your demo! Feel free to ask for opinions here if you want/need. ;)

Well, I’m lucky. It’s old country. Real guitar and bass. I found a honky tonk piano I could put in. I don’t play piano but I just move the notes around. However a fake pedal steel synth costs $179. I’ll for sure post it when it’s done.