Does anyone know what happened to Vic Davis?

A Solium Infernum art book would look good on my shelf right next to Barlowe’s Inferno.

The art was indeed magnificent. Matt Bradbury from the UK did the flavor illustrations.

Dude, you make donuts? Can we get them online anywhere? I would love to sample a DQ donut.


Unfortunately, no. You’ll have to come to Seattle. On the plus side, I’m selling somewhere in the city five days a week until the end of September.

There’s a whole thread about it over here:


Our very own @Vic_Davis is working on something that sounds very neat:

So TLDR: Designing board games didn’t turn out like I thought it would. It ground me down in the end. But it led to something else. Part of the fun of playing and making games is the story generation aspect. And that’s what I found that I really enjoyed. So hopefully in a month or so, I will have something to show anybody who is interested. I won’t say anything more until it’s ready. But it’s NOT a game; card board, digital or otherwise.

I’ve added an email list sign up to this blog if you would like to get notifications of new posts or updates about my new secret project. The address will never be sold or shared with anybody.

Please keep us up to date here as well Vic, unless you want to keep it secret via the email list.

…a CYOA of some sort? Does that count as NOT a game?

Maybe is writing a book or graphic novel?

Sorry. Being secretive about it was a little silly. I honestly didn’t think anybody would even read the blog since its been silent for half a decade almost.

But yeah, it’s a sci fi/fanstasy novel. I did another post to explain the premise. It was really fun writing and not nearly as difficult as I had imagined. Yes, you should probably put a red flag on that statement.

Feel free to move this thread to the Everything Else category Tom or mods if you read this. I don’t want to turn this into a promotional thing or muck up the game discussion. :)

Don’t underestimate the power of rss.

The blurb was enticing. One of my favorite fantasy series is the long forgotten (don’t read the last one, it’s awful) Magic by the Numbers series by Lyndon Hardy.

It’s unusual in that it didn’t hand-wave away the magic as something unexplanable, and instead defined and downright documented strict rules for each of the universe’s 5 magical disciplines, and then moved on to meta-magic and traveling to universes with different magical rules in later books.

I wouldn’t say Hardy is a great author and they aren’t by any means well-written, particularly that last one. But the premise was really something, treating fantasy like hard sci-fi treats reality.

Ha, I read Master of the Five Magics and I believe even Secret of the Sixth way, way back when, although I can’t recall if it was my uncle’s talk about it or the Megadeth song that actually pushed me across the line into requesting it via interlibrary loan. I remember liking it quite a bit.

Brandon Sanderson is big on rules-based magic, too.

Yes, and he can actually write. But you lose the nostalgia factor!

What’s CYOA?

Cover Your Own Ass? LOL :)

You got 2 out of 4 on your first try!

Crush Your Own Adderall

Choose Your Own Asparagus

Convince Your Old Administrator

Cyan Yellow Orange-red Asphalt

I will check that out. And yes, I did actually review Sanderson’s Laws of Magic. I tried to paint with broad strokes though and not get into a technical nitty gritty while still staying internally and logically consistent.

Also read Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. But that was only for some inspiration. There are only really macro scale similarities. The story centers on one particular volunteer who went through the gate to answer the call. The POV started with that one character but I ended up liking another one so much that I added a second POV. But that’s it. Well there is a third POV but that just focuses on the main antagonists but it is always sporadic and short and expository.