Does Earth's current geopolitical situation mirror any other time in history?

Sometimes when I’m daydreaming I wonder if the events unfolding in our modern day mirrors anything that has gone past. Sometimes I look at the U.S. like a Rome in its decline because of certain elements (need for sports to keep people happy ie. ancient Roman need for gladiatorial combat), but that is an America-centric view and doesn’t really fit with the rest of world events. So to keep this from getting political I’ll stop there and ask if you can see any period in history that may very loosely fit with modern Earth. Late 19th century Victoria-land? 18th century Reconnaissance? 2nd Century BC (points for whoever guesses why I added this option :) )

Wrack your history brains and post your theory :)

The question is: is Donald the Gracchi brothers (my personal take), or a Sulla type.

I have no idea what you’re talking about there LOL. So nope :)

The Grachi brothers were populist demagogues and Sulla was the establishment. I’m going to go with Grachi although I think their end goals were more altruistic than Trump’s.

The US has been behaving a lot like Athens just prior to the Peloponnesian War lately. Enormous arrogance, a string of foreign policy failures, ill-advised invasions, pissing off allies, you name it. Did not end well for them, either.

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I don’t think Trump is the slighest scared of being a president or running shit, he obviously is more than capable of leading stuff.

As for historical references, Europe and the EU looks a -lot- like the latter days of Rome, where everyone wanted to be Rome, and to be part of it, but Rome itself didn’t want anyone else influencing it, or have to share power at all, it led to some nasty wars that broke its back more than any outside invader ever did.

The word you’re looking for is unipolar, as in one predominant power. Before the cold war ended, it was a Bipolar system.

I’m not sure if any situation in the ancient past can be considered Unipolar, as ancient Rome and China can be considered hegemonic, or regional powers.

That’s all I remember a single undergrad class 20+ years ago hah.

Very interesting. I would add more open racism (KKK disguised as other groups) to that list.

I would think nowadays we have a tripolar system? U.S., China, and Russia? With the EU trying to be the fourth.