Does this exists already? external safe random bet app

I have heard that players of New World use the /dice command to play routette with resources.
One thing people have suggested is to remove the /dice command.

This feels wrong to me and made me think of creating a external website where two persons could type their nicks, then have the website choose a random winner, that would be the same winner for both.

It would work like this:
First party enter the room. A random seed is generated. EF32D.
Second party enters the room using the seed. EF32D.
First party click “play”. Shows winner.
Second party click “play”. Shows winner.

(the seed seems neccesary so theres privacy)

I don’t think is possible to make this full clientside. Otherwise players would cheat by looking at the winner, if they predict what party would win they can select a seed that favour them (even if the seed is a long token with data encrypted in it, I would not trust it). The simpler solution would be to make a server component that make the choice and store the result. The winner is selected the first time somebody click “Play”.

This may take some time to develop, a few hours. But … do this already exists? I would not build it if somebody already build something like that. Is not like a fun technical challenge or something I need myself.

Also, what would be a good name for something like this in english?