Doesn't Hand of Fate 2 deserve its own thread? Probably!


I didn’t play it enough before to be able to tell you. It may just be that I’m not very good at twitchy action games.


Well, as far as I’m concerned it’s harder now, but maybe I got too used to the old system, not that I think it’s ever been annoyingly difficult either way.

There is an easy mode now, though.


Yes, but it’s too easy (mostly due to the hyper-inflated weapon damage), at least early on, which has the effect of rendering the card game pointless. What I wouldn’t give for a version of HoF with turn based combat.


Yeah, a few on the Steam forums were asking for that.


Heck yeah, I’m back to being the first to achieve 100% on PS4!


Was hoping to see this on sale at PS4 or Steam but not this season apparently.


It appears to be 33% off the 2018 winter Steam sale; I’m not sure if I’ll jump at that discount, but I’m considering it.


It is? Wonder why I’m not seeing that.


The store is getting hammered. If you’re using Chrome, try CTRL+F5 on the HoF2 product page.


I’m jumping on it this sale. Can’t wait.


I’m still very back and forth with this game, but can anyone give me an idea of what the DLC entails?


Someone has to buy it! That way it ends up in the next Humble monthly. :D


Two of them are 1 extra challenge + a new companion with a quest chain you need to do after unlocking them to power them up. The cheap one is just a new companion. There’s also some assorted extra gear and encounter cards in each.


Thanks, but I don’t have a clear sense of what a “challenge” is in this context?


It’s basically a complete “run” with a specific story and mission goal. A successful run of a late-game challenge is usually around an hour or so I think?


So basically like the campaign missions?


Yes. I’d say that at full price they’re a little steep, but on sale it’s a good deal.


Thanks for the details, I’d agree with that assessment based on what you’ve said.


Yeah, each of the two bigger packs is one mission (like “the Magician” or “the Hierophant”) and one new companion each, plus some assorted equipment/encounters.

I think they’re both some of the more interesting missions, but also some of the hardest.

Light spoiler about what they are: One if a low resource scenario where you have to know which cards on the board to avoid and the other one asks you to give away hundreds of HP to a demonic being. The second one also has an extra hard Brimstone version that asks even more of you and is the game’s hardest mission.


Just wanted to chime in on how incredible this game is. It’s like they took everything good about the first one and amplified it, or at least that’s how it seems so far.